A breath of fresh air is coming

It’s starting to become easier to live again. Most of us are enjoying making small steps to normalcy. It’s amazing what just a few little things can change a huge way how we view life. I’m happy that today I had a booster draft for Ikoria. One week before the Prerelease of the Core 2021 Set. “Better late than never” has never rang truer in my mind. It’s just a tiny bit progress, but it’s still progress and I am taking full advantage of it. Tomorrow will be FNM Commander. I hope that there will be a lot of laughs and fun. The store needs that. It feels much too empty without people in the Arena. Thankfully, things will change.

The Secret Lair of money-making

I will just put it out there directly: I dislike the entire Secret Lair product line. It feels like a total cash-grab from customers and it doesn’t really provide as much value as it is “supposed” to do. The worst I feel is the Lands edition. It has a huge price tag and the lands themselves aren’t even in foil. Me, the guy who foils his standard decks, can not understand why making the lands in foil would have been anything less than absolutely necessary. I don’t get it for the life of me. Who was in charge of this product and thought “You know what? Let’s print the cool fetchlands with different artworks! *everyone gasps and nods approvingly* But let’s not make them in foil. *confused stares, but not wanting to lose their jobs approve of this said person in charge*”. That’s how I imagine it all went down.

Leaving the presumed drama aside, I am seeing too much useless product flying around nowadays from Wizards. It’s exhausting trying to keep up with the plethora of new boxes, singles, etc. that pop-up. Exhausting and expensive. I hope Wizards gets back to a lower level of churning out products. It’s too often and too expensive. Not more to say about it. The 5 Secret Lair boxes with the fetchlands that I have, will probably stay in store for a long time unless I decide to sell them online at a cheaper price. Even then, honestly, if you’re not a hardcore collector, I don’t see why you would get this. And that’s coming from a guy who owns a store based on selling cards…That’s the level of disappointment that I am currently at with Wizards.

Coreset 2021 Prerelease

There will be 3 Prerelease events next weekend:’

Friday – 18:00 – 1 vs 1 – as of now only 4 spots left
Saturday – 13:00 – 1 vs 1 – as of now 5 spots left
Saturday – 17:00 – 2 vs 2 – as of now 8 spots left

I am happy that prereleases are back, but it feels like we all were in some sort of deep sleep for the past 2 months and all of a sudden a full set of Magic just flew by. We all barely touched Ikoria and it’s already gone. Feels strange. But that shouldn’t stop us from drafting it as a Flashback option for Tuesdays. We will keep in line with the Draft on Thursdays being the current edition in Standard. It’s just a bit odd that’s all. But I’m sure the feeling will fade away after a while. We just need time. Hopefully by the next edition this entire corona debacle will just be a bad memory.

Yugioh Tournaments

Not sure about this. I did ask in the Whatsapp group about any interest in tournaments but nobody said anything. Perhaps it will just take a little while longer until people start feeling a bit better about meeting other people and playing again. Regarding Toon Chaos, unfortunately the preorder period was a while ago and I didn’t know how things will be right now. I couldn’t know if the virus would still keep us all locked in or not, so I didn’t buy a ton. It would have been great to buy more considering the cards inside this edition, but that’s life. I did order 12 Displays, but I haven’t received any yet. I am still waiting. Hopefully I will get some soon.

How’s about regionals? There have been no announcements made. But I doubt that we will have any regionals soon. What would the players qualify for if most events will be locked in at max 100 people? It’s clearly still a work in progress. I’m sure that the moment Konami is allowed to hold bigger tournaments everyone will find out. We play the waiting game for now.

Fresh air is what we need most

By that I definitely mean that it’s been enough of this coronavirus this, coronavirus that crap. It’s just too much and I would be very happy to see the narrative change. I want to talk to people about anything else, without masks and the paranoia attached to every possible scenario in which people might touch by accident. I’m not advocating letting loose like some other countries *cough* americans *cough*, just maybe not be so lost in thought at the mere mention of the word coronavirus. We haven’t won and probably never win. The fight against viruses will probably last as long as the human race will, but we’re definitely getting much better at handling stuff like this. It’s impressive and gives me hope in humanity seeing how fast possible vaccines popped up. But if any of the companies that develop this vaccine are like Wizards, it will probably be expensive and sold in a big box with alternative artwork, but never ever in foil 😀

And yes, I can finally say it with a smiling face and a hopeful sigh,

See you in the Arena!