A tale of work, shop and games. Games Workshop partnership explained in detail.

The first question that I got from people who saw the Games Workshop (GW) stand in my shop was: “Why? Don’t you know there is a shop already selling that in Ingolstadt?”. Yes. I am very aware of that 🙂 I saw it and it looks nice. I don’t personally know the shop manager, but that will change in the coming days. Onward to the explanation though. Why did I invest so much in Games Workshop products? When I was writing the business plan for the shop, I actually mentioned the fact that I do not want to sell GW products for fear of competing with the current store. But things turned out quite different.

I got a call from the UK from GW. Why would they call me though? Turns out that they want to have independent retailers selling their products alongside their own shop. The discussion lasted around one hour. Needles to say, I was very skeptic in the beginning. Investing a huge amount of money in products that are already available for purchase just around 600m away from where I am located with my shop, doesn’t seem like the best choice at first glance. However the guy explained that GW stores are assessed based on how many new players are recruited. In theory this would mean that there would be a steady stream of people who would constantly play Warhammer in Ingolstadt. This along with the already existing Warhammer community would be enough of a reason to sell GW products.

Some people already thought that I am competing with the current GW shop. No. Not even close. I see it as working together with them, even though I haven’t met one person from that store. If anyone comes into my shop to learn Warhammer I simply send them to the GW store. I also don’t sell the entire Warhammer collection. I simply have the most popular products for people who actually already know what they want to buy. I don’t want to steal away the GW shop’s customers. I want them to have as many as possible thus increasing both shops’ revenue and growing the community. I am also well aware of the expertise that the GW staff possesses. I don’t have the knowledge of the GW world, just basic things here and there. I know a whole lot about Magic the Gathering though and I make a living out of selling trading cards. So my expertise lies elsewhere and I put an emphasis on trading card game events.

But why buy from my shop and not directly from the GW store? This comes down to different things, but it could just be about personal preference. If you play Warhammer and also other games, like board games or trading card games, then you would probably prefer coming to my shop just because of the variety of products I offer, thus saving you a trip or two. Maybe you just know exactly what you want and drop by for one specific item. Or it could just be that I am closer to where you are. It might also be that you simply want to support my shop.

Ultimately wherever you decide to buy should make no real difference. It’s not like you would never step into the GW store if you buy from me and vice versa. The fact that I sell GW products should strengthen and grow the gaming communities in Ingolstadt. This is the end goal of both stores currently trying to keep the spirit of gaming alive in this city.


See you in the Arena! 🙂


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