April Fools’ mischief & feedback

april fools day

Hey everyone!

I didn’t expect people to really believe me with that last entry, but seems that most of you actually thought it was real for a good reason. I can’t say I lied about everything in that post. It is in fact true that I didn’t really earn anything last month, but I am not going to let a bad month get me down. It’s the risks one has to assume when opening a business. It’s just the nature of things. You have to take the good with the bad, and last month was just bad. How come it was bad when I had a pre-release? Also a sold out one. I honestly don’t know. I can tell you that after I get my taxes sorted for the last month and actually see where all the money went. Between new chairs and GEMA, there are more hidden expenses than one would expect to have in such a small business.

Seeing the responses for the “Final Blog Entry” article got me thinking more about how people perceive me. It seemed that somehow people are expecting me to fail, something among the lines of “it’s a matter of time”. While I do know that there would be some Grinches that would jump for joy at the news of me actually closing the shop, I am sorry to disappoint them, but this dude is gonna fight as hard as he has to in order to keep the store open. The community here needs my shop and slowly but surely everyone will understand its importance.

To be absolutely clear: I do NOT plan on closing the shop any time soon. I got an email from the landlord asking me if I want to continue my rental contract in the Hohe-Schul-Str. 7. I will say yes. So that’s another few years that I will hopefully be there. Some of you were really sad upon reading the last article. Well this makes me want to say something to you as well: if you don’t want to see the store close down, then why don’t you do something to help it not go down? You don’t have to buy from the store displays of cards or a bunch of boardgames to help me. I get it. You’re a student maybe and can’t afford that much. Or maybe you just like one specific product from my store and have little use for anything else. Then what? Click that share button. I organize a lot of events, I post about products that I have from time to time. You might be surprised how much a share could help my store.

What I can tell you for sure is that I have big plans for the shop and it will get better and better. The only condition: working together with you all. One way or another. Communication and understanding each other’s needs. What we have here is a two way street and we should work together to keep the traffic flowing without any jams.

I will expand on this in a future blog entry, but here’s the idea: Arena Con in September 2015. I want to make it big. Something that can make each of us proud of living in Ingolstadt. What would the Con have? Tournaments of many types, pro-players from different games (online and offline), friendly challenges, Cosplay and more. If you want to be a part of it just send me a small text with why you want think you’re a good fit for this.


See you in the Arena!

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