Being responsible in a world of selfishness

I hoped that I wouldn’t have to write such a blog entry, but here we are in 2020 with the Corona Virus making huge waves in the media and not only. The way that it’s presented makes it look like the end of the world, apocalypse now. It’s true that the human race doesn’t have a definite answer to what the virus is truly capable of. One day we know some details about it, the next, the same details are debunked because of new developments. It’s not a nightmare scenario but people will panic because it just feels like the only reasonable thing to do…Most governments have put in place a set of rules for the mass public to follow though.

These rules are actually so basic, that it does boggle my mind regarding people who didn’t do these things up to now. Like, washing your hands? Really? Does anyone really need to be told to wash their hands? Unreal. Yet, this is the timeline we live in. Some people simply are too ignorant to understand the impact they might have on other people’s lives. As long as it doesn’t happen to their close loved ones, it’s a big whatever. There have been tons of cases reportedly spread by family members to parents, children, wives, husbands, brothers, sisters…It’s just that easy if you don’t take care of yourself and others around you.

The Game Store Life

How will the new Coronavirus affect local game stores? Businesses like the Arena rely on physical presence in the store to be able to organize events and sell products. Retail is simple like that. Come in, play, buy, have a good time, leave. Card-playing enthusiasts happen to be in the area of high risk contracting the “I-don’t-wash-my-hands-virus”. We touch other people’s cards and sit face to face with our opponents during a tournament for more than half an hour every round. Knowing that the opponents change a few times per evening presents another risk for all participants. It actually takes one person sneezing and the entire store is done for.

What are the chances of that occurring though? Not sure. It could very well happen that we get into contact with someone at the supermarket who just sneezed next to us and bam(!), we’re infected even with washing our hands non-stop. It’s an unlikely scenario that it would go down like that, but the possibility exists. My point is that we can only do what we are in control of. Read the rules and advice given out by accredited medical institutes. STOP reading some random websites from wannabe doctors without diplomas. It’s simply dumb to listen to some random plebs who just spread misinformation because they found some forum entry that made sense to their tiny peanut brain. Listen to actual doctors, follow fact-proven solutions to stop the spread of this scourge that has infiltrated itself in the human world.

Local recommendations for the store

Don’t misunderstand this. I’m not some paranoid freak who wants to sow more panic, quite the contrary. I want to contain whatever stupidity might overflow from misinformation to the Arena. Please fact-check all of my recommendations for the store. Don’t just blindly trust what I write on here.

I haven’t been a fan of sick people coming to the store…It’s not that I don’t want these people at the shop, I just want them to not be sick and spreading germs to other customers. The people who work at the store are the biggest risk of getting infected and spreading viruses much, much further. We don’t want that. Nobody wants that. Here a few recommendations for the Arena. It would be nice of you to read these.

  • Stay home if you’re sick. “But I feel well, my nose is just a bit runny. I’m fine.” Sure. If you don’t want to stay home, please avoid the Arena until you’re cured. It’s simply not cool to touch other people’s cards, cough and get your germs on other people’s cards who then might get infected with whatever it is you have.
  • Wash your hands when coming to the store and leaving the store. This is a really simple way of just killing off the spread of any virus. This is not even a new fact. It’s proven that simply washing your hands clears you of the possibility of further virus transmission.
  • Use card payment whenever possible. Cash money goes from one hand to the other to the next and so on. It’s easy to get any type of germs on your hands just because you bought a cup of coffee. Pay by card if you can, but if you can’t, consider washing your hands after handling cash money, thus reducing your chances of getting sick.
  • Don’t sneeze and cough with your mouth open. On my usual trip to the store by bus, this never happens. People simply cough like there is no tomorrow, spreading their sickness on the entire bus. It takes one village idiot for everyone else to get screwed. Don’t be the village idiot. Sneeze or cough in your elbow not in your hands. If you use your hands, go to the toilet and wash your hands again. Use a disposable napkin and discard it immediately once used. DO NOT put it back in your pocket 😀
  • Avoid touching your face. This is the easiest way to get infected with any viruses. We touch our faces unconsciously and it will happen anyway, but we can try to limit the number of times we do it, therefore, giving fewer chances to any virus to have their way with us.

I hope this didn’t scare anyone off. Sickness is a common occurrence in our daily lives and we can easily fight this. For my closing paragraph, I’d like to give you something to think about.

This Coronavirus could have easily been something way more terrible and frightening. We only read about the plague or the Spanish flu and make memes about it, but this virus could have easily been much more dangerous than it currently is. We’re lucky that it isn’t stronger. Every country in the world is on their knees right now, desperate for a solution, some even locking down as a last resort to curb the spread of this virus. We are not even close to being ready for a real disease that could have a higher mortality rate. But again, we’re super lucky. We have the means to overcome this. Be aware that we are all part of the problem or the solution. It’s a matter of how we handle a situation when it happens.

Just wash your damn hands though 🙂

See you in the Arena!