Blog entry numero uno

Today I got the Pre-Release Material for Dragons of Tarkir. Was fun opening the DHL packs and being amazed of what I found inside. So many promos and a nice fun game to play in between rounds. Although I set the big “Dragons of Tarkir” sign in front of the shop, the wind had other plans to just constantly knock it down. Even with placing rocks on it, the wind was stronger 🙂 GG wind. You OP. The sign is inside for now, but tomorrow is a new day and hopefully less windy.

In other news, Games Workshop and I have come to an agreement and I will now start selling this line of products in my shop as well. The dude from GW is very friendly and seems to be very competent. He convinced me with hard evidence that I should actually sell Warhammer stuff in my shop. The honest truth though is that only time really tells what exactly sells and what doesn’t. But backed up by realistic numbers, this should be ok. Investing is always this roller coaster of emotions. Will I sell these thing? Will they hang around the shop for months? Hopefully not. And hopefully I am not making the same mistakes as previous game shop owners. Again: only time will tell that. But for some reason I feel like I am doing good for now.

Tonight’s gaming session seems off: RITO decided to lag out players at around 330 ping and that basically screwed my games today. I jumped back into Hearthstone as card games have a more appealing feeling to me. I just finished an arena run at 6-3, nothing impressive, but all I can say is that Druid can bring out some crazy damage 😀 Laddering seemed fine with Control Warrior ruining people’s evenings. Switching between Warrior and Druid right now since they can consistently beat Mech and Huntard, but Oil Rogue seems super interesting. The combos are awesome and it’s definitely a challenge to learn the deck. Current level: 9. Last season I got to 6. I really need to step up my game.

See you in the Arena 🙂

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