Coronavirus Part 2, Autumn Edition, Europe 2020

I wanted to write about some of the busted cards that Wizards recently spoiled from the upcoming Commander Legends edition, but here I am having to write yet another article about The ‘Rona. What did we do wrong? Why is this happening again? What should we do next? I will not answer these questions here, because there is no point screaming into the void only to get swallowed up by it, chewed up and spat out like the trash that I am…Heh 😀 Kidding. Of course, I’ll give my 31cents on the following issues because I feel like I should express myself especially if I can help anyone with my blog entries. Here we go.

Rules for 21st-century social-media sheep

We have evolved. Into technologically-savvy sheep. Fake news is all around us and most people eat it up like Brezen mit Käse at Volksfest. I was unpleasantly surprised by some videos I noticed on my Facebook page a while ago. Some childhood acquaintances (who have since been Extirpated from my online and real-life) posted what to me was the pinnacle of absurdity: a video showing that in 2019 the press knew that something like Corona would hit our ever-deforestation-hungry planet as if it were a conspiracy and we only got the spoiler. Really dog? Do you think the concept of a pandemic is brand new? It’s our weakest point aside from the cool Apophis asteroid who we hope won’t collide with our thoughts and prayers in 2068, lest some other heavenly diety dares to smite the literal god of chaos from extinguishing us all. I’ll leave this Doomsday scenario for our scientists to deal with. One end of the world apocalypse at a time, please 🙂 Back to our regularly scheduled black sheep real-life dramedy.

Sheep follow sheep over a cliff. If one decides to not wear a mask or wear it wrong, others will follow. The ones who do wear one are the black sheep of the flock, the slaves, the ones who give in to the shephard. The shephard, in this case all the governments, get to either slap the other sheep and praise the black ones or give in to the majority of the flock and establish…a second soft-lockdown. What’s the point of this really? What was the point of putting all the sign posts in the city center area that wearing a mask is mandatory? Nobody cared. The shephard needs to also be there to smack the sheep around if they don’t follow the rules, else they jump off a cliff one by one if left to their own devices. Case in point: I can’t organize an 8-man modern tournament, but the restaurants next to my store get to have 20 people inside not wearing masks and spreading the virus at will. These very smart people posted a very good article on how corona spreads through talking. Assuming you know English since you’re reading this article, go ahead and un-pleb yourself and perhaps others as well.

I, for one, would hope for the majority of corona-deniers and the “corona can get me, I’m not scared” people to Perish abruptly since they seem to only consume valuable oxygen meant for people who, in very blunt terms, give a fuck about their fellow human beings. To my extreme dissapointment, an acquaitance of mine (that I have not performed a Surgical Extraction on from my life, yet) posted a video that workers in some nothern city did not have to wear a mask while here in Bavaria everyone is being a sheep. This healthy, athletic, young person did not realize in the past 9 months (yes, it’s been almost a full year of this shit :() that they could be spreading the virus everywhere although no symptoms were visible. Everyone reacts differently to this sickness as explained in many scientifically proven videos and articles. These were not his exact words, but his position on the subject has been clear to me for a while now although I decided to ignore it and just say “it is what it is“.

Choices and consequances

And right there, the “it is what it is” fact of the friend behaving like a nasty baboon is what is bringing us all down. Our ignorance and our overly-exaggerated tolerance for idiot friends and family members is digging the graves of the corona victims. Two sides of the same coin in this situation: on one hand you are a hero for wearing a mask. You might have saved a life or tens or even hundreds of lives by now because you chose to be part of the solution. But have you found yourself being quiet when you heard your friends or family talking trash about masks and how they don’t work? How everything about this pandemic is a hoax? Have you not said anything while waiting in line at the post office or bakery and saw someone wear a mask with their nose out and not said anything? Then you’re also part of the problem.

Speaking up is never easy, and even more so when doing the right thing. Does it feel good afterwards? Do you get anything from it? No. Nobody praises you for your integrity and selflessness, but isn’t that the sign of maturity? To give and not excpect anything in return when presented with a situation where you also have nothing to lose? By this logic, 80% of the population is stuck in a mental limbo of 16-23 years old although their ID cards may say they’re of a different, more advanced age. Adolenscent ramblings and some with child-like attitudes of stomping their feet if they would be asked to wear a mask or the classic, yet very much primitive, reply “mind your won business“. It is in fact my business that you are not wearing a mask correctly you mindless cretin. If this virus wouldn’t affect anyone and only yourself I would still give 31cents (I promise this is the last time I will mention this inside joke in this article :D) but definitely no fucks about your existence.

But here we are my dudes and dudettes. Your flawed logic forces me and plenty others to point out the illogical train of thought that most ignorant people have. For a simpler way of describing what works and what doesn’t here are some visual pointers. Feel free to save these pictures on your phone and reply to every idiot who doesn’t believe in corona or doesn’t care about it only with one of these images. If you still are on the fence about speaking up, especially if you have any idea of the history of Germany, you should think twice about being quiet. I know it’s not fair to compare the rise of the Nazi regime to the spread of Corona, but isn’t that what happened in a nutshell? People not speaking up to others to not support stupidity? The scenario is different, but doomed are we who fail to learn the lessons that history have taught us albeit in other shapes or forms.

Common complaints and ways to counteract them

Imagine you are playing blue in Legacy, your deck consists of only blue mana and a combination of Force of Will, Force of Negation, Counterspell, Spellpierce…you get the point 😀 This is how most of us, if not all, should be like when having to deal with a coronavirus denier. Let’s be realistic, at this point, we are the problem, not the virus. So it’s our duty to do something about it. I encourage each and everyone reading this blog entry to speak up when you see someone being an idiot. Do it if you are not at risk of being physically harmed. If your ego can take a few insults, then go for it. Maybe it will give you a sense of accomplishment. Who knows?

Here are a few examples of questions or statements from Corona-denier-muppets (CDM) that you can counteract. Remember that you most likely have to dumb it down for them to get it.

CDM: “I think masks are useless”
You: “It has been scientifically proven here that they in fact work. If you don’t speak English, I can summarize it in a few words: they stop someone’s tiny spit getting on your face and/or into your mouth. Disgusting right? Wear a mask”

CDM: “It’s a conspiracy from the government”
You: “Ok man. You’re right. It is in fact a conspiracy. So what now? What do you plan on doing next? Will you take to the streets and protest?”
You: “How did that work out for you? We have a new lockdown now”
CDM: “…, but it’s still made up government shit”
You: “Again, let’s say it is. If you’ve tried everything else and it didn’t work, would you consider doing something different and see what happens? Wear a mask”

CDM: “I’m a healthy young person, I don’t need to wear a mask”
YOU: “I have this video still saved in my links and it proves that even if you are infected you might not show symptoms for up to two weeks or even not at all. 25% of corona cases never show symptoms but they are contagious. You might unwillingly give this virus to your family or friends who could end up in the hospital or even worse, actually die. Wear a mask”

CDM: “I just don’t feel like wearing a mask. I don’t want to. It bothers me, I hate it”
YOU: “Hey, I don’t like it either. I get your frustration, but the sooner everyone does their part and tries to limit the spread of corona this will all be over. Here’s a video that shows how this thing spreads. Who knew right? Wear a mask”

CDM: “I don’t care if I spread this virus. Fuck everyone and fuck you”
YOU: “*turning on video recording on phone* Can you say that again and into the camera? You can also spit on it for dramatical effect. Also, after your laughably ridiculous outburst, wear a mask”

I am certain that there are more types of stupid that you will encounter. There may be a mix of the above-mentioned statements so be creative and counter each instance of dumb you have to fight against.

Conclusions of an almost hopeless man

I have to admit that I didn’t think we europeans would exhibit the same pattern of behaviour as the americans. I don’t have something against them, only their weird orange muppet king. It’s just that we did see what happened and is still happening there, but we stood idly by while our turn came. It’s obvious that we have learned nothing. Our society is more and more based on individualism and fake-news. The goal of some random youtuber with 0 medical expertise is to get clicks not to spread actual constructive information. Controversy sells better than cold, hard facts so be aware that the youtuber’s interest is money driven.

This is a team effort and people need to get their shit together already. If you haven’t played any team games up to now, I suggest getting up-to-date really fast and integrating yourself in the team. I didn’t make this post because I had nothing else to write about. On the contrary, I wanted to ramble on and on about Wizard’s decision to print some really insane cards like Jeweled Lotus and Opposition Agent. I have to write this article because I not only care about my store, I also care about cinemas, concert venues, festivals, travelling, basically life as we knew it in 2019.

After all the Pondering that I’ve done, I reached the conclusion that supporting stores right now is definitely helpful, but overall, acting conciously on stopping corona is the bigger picture. If my store needs to die out to stop corona from being a thing anymore, I’ll gladly do it. I am young with a bachelor’s degree in cultural management and 6 years of experience running my own retail business. I’ll survive. But what about all the others that won’t? What about the ones who lost their jobs already and are struggling to make ends meet? Just because you are not in that position doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care. Be smart and act accordingly.

I know I said this before but I found this online on someon’s profile and thought it really means something. It was one of the inspirations to write this article.

We’ll be fine. Eventually.

See you in the Arena!