Dragon Stompy at the Juli Legacy #2 Ingolstadt

Hi there,
I played last weekend a local event in Ingolstadt with 4 rounds + top8 (16 players), piloting this list:

4 Ancient Tomb
4 City of Traitors
11 Mountain
4 Chrome Mox
4 Simian Spirit Guide
4 Chalice of the Void
3 Trinisphere
4 Blood Moon
4 Magus of the Moon
2 Umezawa’s Jitte
1 Sword of Fire and Ice
3 Phyrexian Revoker
4 Sulfur Elemental
4 Thunderbreak Regent
3 Goblin Rabblemaster
1 Pia and Kiran Nalaar
Total: 60 cards

4 Tormod’s Crypt
4 Thorn of Amethyst
2 Boil
3 Sudden Demise
2 Shattering Spree
Total: 15
Ended up to be first after the Swiss rounds, but lost unlucky in the semi-finals. Deck feals great, though I would cut the one-of Sword of Fire and Ice (keeping the 2 awesome Umezawa’s Jitte) and replace it with 4 Goblin Rabblemaster or a second Pia and Kiran Nalaar, which both were really great.

Round 1: Death & Taxes

Game 1: He starts with Plains into Aether Vial. I have already the Phyrexian Revoker in my hand but prefer to first play the Chalice of the Void to be Swords to Plowsharesproof. Turn two I bring in the Phyrexian Revoker while he has Mother of Runes and Thalia, Guardian of Thraben. I play the Thunderbreak Regent while he goes for Stoneforge Mystic into Umezawa’s Jitte. Three turns later the Dragon put him on 8 and he managed to get 4 Jitte-counters but doesn’t want to use them against the Dragon 😉 When a second Dragon enters the battle, he scoops.

Game 2: He has Thalia + Mother + Stoneforge and attacks greedily with everything, which allows me to clear the board with Sudden Demise. Unfortunately for me he has a Serra Avenger + the searched Jitte and I draw nothing relevant, so I lose this one.

Game 3: I start with Chalice on 1 into Chalice on 2. He does not find a Flickerwisp or another three drop in time so the 2 Sulfur Elementals go for the win.

Round 2: 4c delver

Game 1: He mulligans to 5 and has Ponder then passes. I play Ancient Tomb into Chalice. He Dazes, which I pay with Simian Spirit Guide and he already scoops.

Game 2: He again starts with Ponder, while I again go for Chalice and again he Dazes^^ – this time I can’t pay for it so he goes for a Delver of Secrets the following turn. I play a Rabblemaster which resolves. His Delver does not flip and I Play City of Traitors and another Rabblemaster which make him scoop again.

Round 3: Alexander Beiersdorfer with 4c Loam

We draw for being both in the Top 8, but play nevertheless to test the match-up.

Game 1: He goes for land, Chalice on 0 to prevent me from a Chrome Mox start. It’s good to have a Simian Spirit Guide + City of Traitors to play the Blood Moon on turn 1 and he scoops because he can’t even go for a Mox Diamond anymore due to his own Chalice.

Game 2: I don’t have a fast Blood Moon, but instead 2 Thunderbreak Regent which are too much for his lonely Maze of Ith and his Knight of the Reliquary, which got slowed down by a Tormod’s Crypt (I really don’t like that card, but there is no other graveyard hate which synergises with Chalice of the void) – and no, I don’t want to play Leyline of the Void in a deck which can’t cast them 🙂

Round 4: Benni Gachstetter with esper blade

Game 1: I have a Chalice followed by Blood Moon which makes him scoop t5 or so.

Game 2: He manages to get a basic Island and a Dark Confidant into play when my Magus of the Moon enters the game. I have some more beef 4 turns later but unfortunately lose when he just hard-casts his Batterskull.

Game 3: I have no Blood Moon but Chalice on 1 + a fast Pia and Kiran Nalaar which grips a Jitte and decides this game.

Quarterfinals: Florian Hess with Mentor Miracles

Game 1: I have an early Chalice + some random beaters which are enough.

Game 2: I can’t find something relevant in time and die to a Monastery Mentor which beats me to death, while a Blood Moon + Trinisphere got destroyed by a Wear // Tear – outch…

Game 3: I play quite patient with 2 Mountain and an Ancient Tomb in play while I beat several rounds with a Sulfur Elemental. He finds a Terminus for it but end of trun the next elemental comes in and continues the beatz. 2 turns later he goes for a 3:1 Mentor which can’t produce tokens and game is over when the third elemental comes down, the Mentor dies and my opponent loses the following turn.

Semifinals: again Alex Beiersdorfer with 4c Loam

Game 1: I have the blowout hand with first round Blood Moon AND Chalice for 0 which makes him scoop directly.

Game 2: We play quite a long game, several moon-effects are neutralized and finally he gets a Liliana of the Veil into play but has nothing else in hand or on the battlefield. I don’t manage to get something relevant for 6 turns and then just scoop to the Liliana and a Knight of the Reliquary, while having a Jitte but no creature in play.

Game 3: I have again first round magus + chalice but this time he has Punishing Fire for the Magus and stabilizes while I’m out of gas and lose some turns later – would the magus have been a Blood Moon, I would have won this 🙂

So summed up:

Great tournament, great deck, which is really good against these multicolored Dig Through Time decks. The only really bad match-up seems to be Omnitell. Of course a deck like Dragon Stompy will never be the most consistent deck and sometimes draw the wrong half of the deck, but since there really have been printed good beat-sticks like Rabblemaster and Thunderbreak Regent, I like it a lot. And I didn’t have to take quite a lot Mulligans, since the mana curve of the deck has become quite low (most of the stuff costs 2-Red) – and one does not have to play weak cards like Rakdos Pit Dragon etc. anymore.

Marius Hausmann

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