Future changes and annoucements

It’s 4:20 and I am here in my shop writing this article, drinking a beer and listening to The Dead Weather – I feel love (Every Million Miles). It must be after 5 p.m. somewhere in this world, so it’s socially acceptable that I am drinking at this hour. But since I am in Bayern it’s socially acceptable to drink a beer at any point during the day 😉

A Shop for Everyone

My shop was branded, and probably still is, as a Magic the Gathering shop. This needs to change in the minds of people. I have insisted on creating several events per month for MtG because I am an avid player with years of experience at tournaments and not only. It is my hobby and my job now to know much, more and everything that interests me about Magic the Gathering. For me it is and will probably remain the best game in the world, BY FAR. (eh Forg1ven? Wanna buy some Magic kid? :D). My experience in YGO, board games and rpg-games is limited though. And that hurts the overall perception of the games being played here. Most people expect a lot of magic players and that is half true. Some days there are people, like on Thursdays, Friday and Saturday. Tuesday and Wednesday there is a total lack of people coming to the store. That may also be the fault of the beginning of the week. Everyone dreads Mondays…and Tuesdays…and Wednesdays. I mean, you actually feel half-human again once you reach Thursday evening. But I digress: the shop needs more tabletop, board game and rpg action. More variety. This shop is a hobby store. People are supposed to spend some of their free time here engaged in their hobbies which are in fact games.

Eternal Success?

In the past months I have been keeping an eye on the modern and legacy tournaments that have been held here in the Arena. Since the attendance has been lowering, I have decided to cut these events from their monthly appearance. From now on there will be one Legacy event every two months and the same will be valid for Modern. There is no reason for me to announce events that don’t even take place, or if they do have a very low attendance rate. This is a city of about 120,000 inhabitants. It is not as big as other prominent cities with big MtG communities. A few months ago there were maybe around 20 people present for the Legacy Tournament. I guess something went wrong on the way or people have simply lost interest in travelling to Ingolstadt for a tournament. There could be a lot of reasons. Regardless of those, this is the decision that I have taken for the Saturdays at the Arena. Maybe this way there will be a bigger attendance at the future events. If not, as they say: “it is what it is”. If people want to play locally, there’s no problem organizing smaller tournaments during the week of course. I still want to promote some tournaments for BoM, MkM Series and such, but at a lower rate than normal as there is no interest in Eternal formats here. Or not a big one anyway.


So this frees up 3 Saturdays for the shop. The RPG community may be happiest with this. I could organize a monthly event, as was actually intended initially when the first minicon was held, for the RPG community. People still like playing DSA, Shadowrun, Splittermond, etc. It is just feels right to give the RPG community more to time and space to play with. Once per month the minicon will take place. This does indeed mean that there will be need for Game Masters. Hopefully more will show up in the future to be able to create a cohesive event with a good and lasting impression on the visitors. Contact me if you are or would like to be a Game Master. Hopefully, the monthly event will bring the RPG community closer together.

Miniatures with Wings

As of this week I heard that there are people interested in playing X-Wing more actively, even going as far as to want to create an Arena League. That sounds exactly like the thing I want to do for the shop: create more variety of the people coming to the store. There are more X-Wing players in Ingolstadt, but I assume they mostly play at someone’s home. That’s fine and all, but maybe they will decide to come to the Arena to meet some new enthusiastic beginners as well 🙂


Big word right there. I wanted to create plans for a Con a year ago, but I was simply way too under-prepared for something like that. I had a completely different perspective about what the shop is and should become. Not anymore though. Things have changed. For now a few friends and I have taken the first steps to creating a Con in Ingolstadt. The date is yet to be determined exactly, but it should be around end of September and the Con should last 2 days during a weekend of course. I will talk more in detail about this when we have a bigger plan set in place. Right now I simply wanted to announce that this idea is going to become reality at some point. If there are people who want to help out in any way, feel free to contact me. I am definitely looking for passionate gamers who want to lend their expertise and experience for 2 full days of gaming events.


I hope the next subject that I will talk about will not overshadow everything I have already written. It would be a pity. Toxic people exist everywhere, but you can often find them in gaming communities. They are like a cancer that spreads uncontrollably and mercilessly. They need to be Extirpated as soon as possible, otherwise they will only spread their poisonous attitude all over the place. I recently had a small altercation with a person from our local Magic: die Zusammenkunft in Ingolstadt. We want to have any types of people in our group who have an interest in Magic the Gathering. Makes sense right? This means that anyone of any shape, religion, ethnic group, sexual orientation, etc. are welcome to our group. But from time to time there are those people who are interested in MtG but the impact they have is simply bothersome on the community. Take for instance the person I had an argument with. It all started a long time ago, but now I decided to take action considering the situation. I blocked out the names of the people writing because the identity of the person is absolutely irrelevant. This person only serves as a example.

Initially I wanted to show the entire conversation on here, but that would really overshadow everything else I have written. So I will just explain what happened shorty and then put the message that he wrote me at the end of everything. He was complaining over the Wizards decisions over the Modern pro tour, although people were wondering why, because he was of a polar-opposite opinion not long ago. This is fine, everyone complains. But writing “Wizards faggots” ticked me off. There may be people who you have sat across at some table who are of a different sexual orientation than yourself. That is a given. The world is full of different people. But using such an insult in a public group… Not cool at all. I told him that if he writes it again I will remove him from the group, as I have already previously warned him for the SAME thing. He said he didn’t know what faggot means, that he is sorry and that he is pro-gay. All good 🙂 I tell him that is was pretty ignorant of him to use such words without even knowing how offensive they can be and that we can just drop the whole thing and he should be more careful in the future, but in the end he decided that he can use whatever words he wants and say whatever he wants and nobody can tell him what he can and can’t write. Sure. But you have to be aware that there could be consequences coming your way if you decide to be a keyboard-warrior-pseudo-macho-like dude. I banned him from the group. I think a collective sigh of relief was heard in that moment. Anyway. This all seems like another day on the world wide web. Then there’s this:

[su_spoiler title=”Insult” style=”fancy”]Dude with an attitude[/su_spoiler]

People say a picture is worth a thousand words. How about a picture with words in it? Apparently banning him must be the reason that my shop isn’t generating enough money for a Ferrari. He wasn’t even sure that I was the one who banned him, but he first had to insult me. Apparently now that he learned the actual meaning of “faggot” he had to use it three times to make a point of his achievement. I don’t care though. Haters gonna hate, you know? But what’s the point of writing this much about this particular unfortunate event? Here’s my thoughts on that.

We all have different backgrounds. You don’t know if the person next to you has had it bad or good. For some it’s been easier, for others significantly harder. When you meet in a game store or if you talk online in your hobby group I really believe you want to have a positive atmosphere around you. This can easily be undone by one person, as shown above. The thing is that some people don’t have the courage to stand up for themselves. There are gay people coming to the Arena and I have heard people saying “That’s so gay” with a negative connotation or “Faggot” and nobody seems to react. It’s like “If it doesn’t affect me, I don’t care”. Aren’t you friends with these gay people? Shouldn’t it be a moral duty to stand up for the ones who can’t do it for themselves? You don’t have to of course, but damn does it feel good when you do.

See you in the Arena!

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