For the longest of time, I have always checked out the competition. I wanted to see what other stores did and how the people reacted. If they were pleased or not. Sadly, over time, I became more interested in what other stores were doing, rather than in what my store was capable of. I was copying various events and working in almost the same way that other stores were doing their business. That is not completely wrong, but wrong enough from my perspective. I have always believed that I am unique and have original ideas, but in copying everything else that other stores were doing, I just threw that concept in the trashcan. I had a bunch of ideas that I never put in practice. Slowly, everything went to waste and I started only pushing booster drafts and Standard Showdown. But that’s not why people want to play Magic. Or at least not most of the TCG enthusiasts that frequented my store. I recall once organizing this Blessed vs. Cursed event with the then newest released duel deck with the same name. It wasn’t something amazing, but it was funny and different. I didn’t see such events at other stores. I had some sort of spark as to what could be fun and innovative, but I got sidetracked with what WotC was telling all of the retailers: “booster drafts *grumble grumble* more players *rubbing hands* Standard Showdown”. They need to protect their income, as do I of course. But if most stores follow that recipe, then where’s the fun in it anymore? I am not saying that booster drafts aren’t fun or that Standard Showdown is boring, because they have their pros, but I just feel like going towards this much more fun side of Magic is the way to properly enjoy the game. Most formats have ban lists or limit you in some way or another. Maybe trying to break those limitations is maybe how Magic will “ignite” my spark once again. I am just putting it out there that I would like to try creating some type of events that are different. Perhaps it’s what some people have been missing out on. I won’t discard drafts and other premiere events from the schedule, but I won’t insist on them either.

I will also take a lower approach to Facebook and other social media platforms in general about the store. It’s true that most people find my store through Facebook, but that’s enough. They can find it and then come visit if they want to. I was spending a lot of time posting a bunch of events on Facebook and there were few people showing up for them anyway. I would rather just use my website and focus on creating content here. I will still tell people on Facebook to come here though 😀 I have been trying to encourage people to start writing for the website to give it some sort of a “professional” look, but it’s not exactly what I want to be honest. I thought about it and even if there will be people writing any sort of articles for the Arena, I would want them to be how they imagine them. Realistically this website and my store only reach a certain amount of people. It could grow someday, but for now, it’s a few people who read the blog and visit my store. So trying to go super big or whatever isn’t realistic. I spent 3 years thinking of going a lot bigger when I should have just chilled and put one step in front of the other, one by one. Like I said in my last blog post, I skipped some steps and now I am getting my feet on the ground again. The alcohol vapors have long been gone and I can breathe easy…It’s true. Alcohol is one of the main reasons that I didn’t do a good job at the store. As with most things, I won’t renounce it completely, but this time I have asked my friends to point it out in a brutal and obvious manner if I am going off the rails again…

I will start streaming in my free time certain games that I am fond of. I wanted to say that if you’re interested in me promoting your stream you can message me, but nah man. It’s another pipe dream that I have with eSports. Meanwhile, I usually play Hearthstone, both standard and wild formats, and Starcraft 2. I already hit Legend in Hearthstone last season, and I normally just ladder to get Rank 5 which has the highest chest reward. I would like to get Legend in Wild though. I did not achieve that yet. In case you do catch me streaming I will be playing a RenoKrulzakus Deck. For Starcraft 2 I am currently Diamond 2, which is 2 ranks away from Masters 3. It’s not even as good as it sounds. Starcraft 2 is, in my opinion, easier to get to higher ranks to than say League of Legends. The major difference is that you play 1v1 in Starcraft 2 so it’s all on you: the good and the bad. You can’t blame your teammates since there are none, so if you lose, it’s all on you. I would compare Starcraft to real-time chess. Who puts the correct pieces in motion will most likely win. It’s a matter of knowing your own role in the game and properly scouting and assessing the enemy’s army and general game plan. So if you are interested in checking out my play and in case you see misplays, please point them out to me when you see me or just write in the chat of the twitch channel. I don’t want donations or whatever 😀 I just want to stream for fun as some people pointed out that I am good at these games, so why not? 🙂

See you in the Arena!



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