There hasn’t been a blog entry in a while. I could find a lot of excuses for that, but that’s exactly what they would be: excuses. I have been busy with the shop of course, but I should have found time to write something.

The Modern Masters saw the luckiest pack that one could open: a foil Tarmogoyf. That itself is beyond incomprehensible: you pay 35€, you get 350€ back. Not a bad deal. He eventually sold it for 320€, but I am very certain that he’s quite fine with the outcome. Did I feel jealous? Did everyone at the table feel it? I think we could have stuck a fork in all the jealousy, that’s how thick the feeling was 🙂 But luck is luck and you have to risk to get. Sometimes the reward is ok, sometimes it’s awesome, sometimes you just flat out lose. But the experience will make you stronger in each and every case. Unless you’re completely ignorant. Nobody can help you there 😀

Speaking of ignorance…

I have opened the Arena since the 22nd of September. A good month I would say. Right when school starts again, so students would seek my store out and  enjoy the awesomeness that the Arena is. That has not been the case exactly. Things haven’t the way I had envisioned things. I thought that since there hasn’t been a real card store in almost 2 years, people would swarm at the first concept of “Look! A new store! Let’s support it so it never closes!”. Wrong. Very wrong. People don’t care. Well, let’s not exaggerate…People care about something and that’s themselves of course. Much more than about anything or anyone else. And to no surprise, this not caring thing also includes my shop. I will cut to the chase: people come to the shop, hang out for 4-5 hours, don’t buy anything and leave. Let’s not leave out the noise they make, the chairs they break, the tables they scratch, the trash they leave behind, the smell they leave in the toilet, the fact that most never say hello or good bye. Do I feel used? Yup. There is this concept that my store is like another room of some parents’ house. Some people had this perplexed look when I asked them not to bring their own sodas in the store, since I sell my own as well. I think people are under the impression that the rent of the shop is magically paid by the tooth fairy or it’s actually a conspiracy and I don’t have to pay rent at all 😀

Here is what is going to happen starting tomorrow: you come to the store and sit down. If you don’t buy anything withing 10 minutes of arriving, I will ask you to leave. I assume that when you go into the city for whatever reason, you will have money with you. 2€ for a soda? Good. Stay and play with your friends. Nothing bought? Go play somewhere else. The reason why the previous shops closed was because of not realizing that although we all sold games, it’s also about being a business and actually making money. I love games, but if someone would have told me “Dude! Start this shop and let people come there and you will not earn anything for the next 5 years” guess what? I wouldn’t have done it. So here’s the lesson that I learned. I need to stop being inconsistent and actually tell people exactly what I should at the right time. If I see something that bothers me I need to consistently point it out to the person who is doing the actual bothering. Taking half measures because I fear that my shop is empty is such a spineless attitude. I realized that I would rather have my shop empty on most days, than filled with random dudes who couldn’t care less of how much work I actually put into the Arena. “The customer is king”. That’s what we’re supposed to think when it comes to business. “The customer is always right”. But what if the customer is a complete dumb ass who has no manners? I refuse to take crap from someone like that just for 2€. I did not study night after night for years to have some little scumbag give me a crooked look because I asked him to buy a drink in MY OWN SHOP 😀

In other non-complaining-about-my-shop news: the first publicity video for the shop is almost done. It’s 25 second long. You will all get to see it very soon and I hope you will share it in every possible group you are in on facebook, on websites and even printing the link on a tshirt and wearing it 😀 I want it to be very exact in what it shows to the public since it will roll in the Cinestar (which is charging me A LOT for this). But a man’s gotta grow his business somehow and flyers aren’t cutting it. I was expecting word of mouth, but yeah…Ingolstadt. No need to say more about that 😀 Over and out!


See you in the Arena!


P.S. Make sure you buy a soda if you drop by so we can still be friends <3

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  1. Ok now i have to go to cinestar 😀

    Hard announcement, but I think most people will understand 🙂

    See you friday at the latest 🙂

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