Intentions. Inspirations. Incompatibilities. Interests

So much silence. For so long. I actually wrote some stuff when I was on vacation, but I never actually got to post it. Here’s what I am currently listening to while writing this entry I wasn’t necessarily happy with the end product and scrapped it. A lot of feelings and perspectives changed for me during my month-long stay in Romania, for the better I would say. I enjoyed the long pause from the shop as it was getting to be very exhausting again. A lot of recent changes sent me into a bit of a downward spiral and I felt knocked down just slightly more than usual…so I took a step back to recharge and refresh. It worked wonders. I was so happy with what went on during that month that I decided to give Romania another shot…someday. Perhaps someday soon. I mean 10€ for 100GB of internet on my phone is like whoa and the speeds there…Damn 😀


It really sucks that I need to get back onto a subject that I am actively trying to leave in the past, but here we are again I guess. I am very tired of hearing so much shit about me…I just sigh and then hit the keys on my keyboard again. This time I want to settle things between me and…whoever has an issue with me if possible. Whoever those people are, here is what is going on. Hopefully, you’ll get it once and for all. If not, you are more than welcome to waste your time talking crap about me without any actual basis…

Let’s start with the beginning. I don’t owe you anything and I never did. I created the Arena because of my passion for Magic the Gathering. It’s still standing because of that. My resolve is very solid regarding the shop. Everyone who walks into my store is a customer just like anyone else, but that doesn’t give you any superpowers that you can use however you wish. There is no special treatment and there shouldn’t be. My first and biggest mistake that I do regret to this day is that I started talking to some customers on a more personal level. I realized after a lot of conversations that this lead to people disliking me more for saying my opinion out loud and criticizing bad behavior or terrible decisions. Criticism is extremely difficult to handle. It’s also heavily difficult to deliver. I have had my big share of terrible ways of delivering criticism. My abrasive attitude towards some certain people who are very fragile was interpreted as me being mean, uncaring or rude. Perhaps this was what actually happened on some occasions. I don’t think I am without sin in every situation, neither do I consider myself flawless. I have had so many fails up to now that I have no way of counting them up anymore. I am also certain that I will add more to the list of mishaps as time goes on. But I own them. Each and every mistake that I did, it made me pause and think about myself and honestly ask “Was it right? Did I think it through? Was I in the right mindset?”. The answers were pretty depressing after the round of self-criticism was over. So I changed and adapted to make better decisions going forward. One of them was to hire someone to work with me so that I can avoid greeting customers with a broken German and perhaps a shitty attitude due to over exhaustion and many other personal details that I am sure you are not interested in, else you’d have a different opinion of the actual situation. I am very proud of Markus that he is working with me. He has adapted to the store at lightning speed and the job that he does fits him perfectly. He is very determined to make things work and it’s more than I could ask for. A warm soul with good intentions is worth eternally more than millions of cold, uneducated opinions based on rumors and hearsay, but said with a smile and an emoji 😉 . If you want to actually have a decent conversation, I am in the Theresienstr. 11 (Rückgebäude), you know…at the Arena. Sit down and talk. Say what you have to say. If resolving any type of conflicts is not your thing and your palms get sweaty just by thinking of assuming any responsibility for the shit you say about me, then why are you even here? Reading this. Word by word. Desperately waiting for something to crack in me maybe, because you hate me so much but you secretly admire me and wish we could be best buddies? I mean this in the most uninterested way that I can and really mean it without any offense: please get a different hobby. Mind your own business and leave me and my store out of your talks if all you want to do is create more conflict. I am not interested at all in whatever negative trash you have to say. And while we’re at it, think for a second: have you had a model behavior? Did you do no wrongs in your life to be able to judge me? What are you gaining by talking smack about me? 🙂 If you’re stuck in the past, that’s your thing. I am trying to look towards the future. Join me if you’d like. It’s much better there I can assure you.

I’ll leave you with two headscratchers that hopefully will make you question your intentions:

“When toxic people can’t influence you anymore, they will try to influence how other people see you.” – Anonymous

“Those who spend the time looking for the faults of others, usually spend no time to correct their own” – Anonymous


The recent vacation that I had inspired me to great measures that I thought were lost or buried too deep inside me to be able to dig up again. My passion for music is well known to my friends and family. I have tried playing drums in various bands: metal, alternative, punk…I just love music, perhaps you’ve noticed as well with the playlists that are blasting in the Arena. Going to Romania and visiting a very close friend of mine who has a cool band named Suburbia11, reignited a spark in me. It gave me a strong desire to get back into music, in whatever capacity possible: event management, being in a cover band, doesn’t matter music baby woo! 😀 But while all of this sounds great, I also am grounded in reality and know that whatever it is that I want to do in my life, I first need to take care of the basics and all the responsibilities that I have here and now. The store is still my top priority. I have worked hard to get it to where it is now and however many mistakes I have made, things have somehow always worked out for me. It’s a sign I do not want to ignore at all. So for that matter, I was inspired to start a string of events to promote eSports much more in Ingolstadt. It’s time this city wakes up already from its slumber. Get out of your personal bubble and try something new. I know that this generation didn’t have the awesome experience of LANs and in-person events as much as I did…but it’s something that they should. I am offering 50€ total prize pool, without any help from any sponsors which means the money is out of my pocket, to promote these events. Is there a community for fighting games? Perhaps more Fifa? If you want to help the Arena grow in this direction, contact me. I would like to hear from you and work together. Let’s put Ingolstadt on the map!


I want to quickly go over this one. Not long ago I was willing to partner up with some groups from around Ingolstadt that do Magic Events. I am glad that there are people into the game and the scene is growing in whichever way, however, I can’t say that the partnerships were one of my most inspired decisions lately. I actually think I did more harm than good to the store by trying to make whatever was meant to be a partnership work. The promised exposure that I would get by working with these groups was minimal to non-existent. I do believe, however, that I had more to give to these groups than I got. The main prospect here is customers. Obviously. That’s what counts from a business perspective and customers are the catalyst of a successful event. I thought that I would get a stream of new customers walking through the doors of the Arena. It never really happened like that. It felt that I was telling people about these two groups and I was losing customers in the process. I heard an opinion about the prize pools of the events of these groups compared to the Arena. Well, you either must be one of those sock-muppets or a halfbaked strüdel if you think that it is even comparable. The Arena has to pay rent for it to work and has to make a profit from the products it sells in order to pay for said rent, product reinvestment and salaries for the two working plebs there, namely myself and Markus. Amongst other activities, I would like to tell you all a secret about us: we also like eating and paying rent to be able to sleep under a roof 😀 We can’t really do those things if we are not making a profit from the store. It’s basic economy really. You don’t need a masters degree to realize that when one event has to break even with the original buy price (go one for one), that will obviously be more attractive to the people who simply want to save money, which is the case for the other groups who organize MtG events around Ingolstadt. It’s clear to me and hopefully to you, dear reader, as well. We at the Arena can’t afford to go one for one. We need to go one for two since we have to cover a lot of costs. To be very honest, I didn’t think I would ever need to explain this word for word…but here we are. It is my hope that this clears up any questions that some people might have when it comes to why the Arena can’t offer a playset of Underground Sea for a 5€ entry event. If it’s still not clear, I guess you can go to youtube and document yourself on how a business works and how much profit is needed to realistically run a small shop. There’s plenty of such interesting material to be found. Go ahead. You’ll come out more educated after that and we’ll be able to chat about it if you’d like to visit the Arena.


This one ends this blog entry with some stuff that I am interested in achieving in the short term and long term. First off, I want to give a shout out to the Dungeons and Dragons groups that are starting to show up more and more giving the store a very welcome change of atmosphere. It is very awesome to see the groups evolve and taking shape and having fun right before my eyes. I will try to provide you with more products and events to make your adventures all the more enjoyable and filled with laughter. Keep going. I am right behind you 🙂

The Boardgame Show Group is a future project that I have an interest in creating. This is meant to be an event with some people who are boardgame veterans who will do a weekly event presenting a new game that the store has in stock teaching newcomers the game itself and playing a few rounds to enjoy themselves. I am currently on the lookout for such people, so if you want to apply for this, get into contact with me. I would be more than happy to hear from you.

The eSports Bootcamp. I have had my eye on this for a while now. The PCs are there to be rented out to people who want to play of course, but the general use for them was meant to be for teams who want to practice in a closed environment next to each other. Helping a teammate improve is much easier when you’re face to face explaining and watching in real-time what’s happening on their screen. “But Adrian, everyone has a PC at home and discord is a thing…why would anyone want to rent out your store PCs?”. Well, dear reader, LAN tournaments are played with people being next to each other in real-time and not in pajamas or boxers. A more professional environment should make teams actively search out improvements in themselves. After all, they’d be paying money for that, which stimulates the brain into thinking that it needs to get something back for it. At least my hope is that something like this will help improve teams. No matter what team game you are playing, if you’d like to try out the PCs with your team to experience a closer more personal environment you should send me a message or email at The price for renting all 5 PCs for your team during the workweek is 150€, starting at 12:00 to 21:00). Renting the PCs when the store is normally closed (Sundays and Mondays) is 200€-250€ for the entire day (the price varies depending on when you would like to start and end). Otherwise, the PCs are available for your use at the following prices:

2€ – one hour
5€ – four hours
10€ – until store closes for the day

Speaking of renting the store…I would like to offer the store up for rent for private events as well. Perhaps it’s someone’s birthday or any other celebration that would require a space like the Arena. If you’d like us to help out with teaching groups of people games like Magic the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh! or specific boardgames feel free to contact us to talk about more details. We are flexible in regards to your event and if you have an idea that would fit with our world of games, we’re available for you at:

I guess this is it. I hope this entry was informative and interesting enough that you felt compelled to read it all. Many thanks to all the current patrons who have supported the store and still support it. We’re doing what we do out of passion and we hope you’re enjoying it as well. A short notice though: the Arena will be closed between 10.09 – 14.09. Markus and I are making a short road trip around Eastern Europe to enjoy the last leg of warm weather until we get into the upcoming Magic the Gathering set Throne of Eldraine and winter holiday season 🙂

See you in the Arena!

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