Legacy: of a Cup, of the shop, of the Void, of DSA, of mine.

Of a Cup


Let’s talk about the big Arena Legacy Cup 2016 that I want to organize next year. This is  the list of all the winners and invited players of the Legacy tournaments in the Arena:

Florian Hess
Marius Hausmann
Markus Samper
Christian Reuschel
Daniel Schuh
Johannes Gutbrod
Andreas Hartl
Michael Rusch
Sebastian Bartl
Philipp Erhardt
Julian Knab

There are only 11 participants up to now. There are indeed 2 tournaments in which the players drew in the finals for reasons of prizes or whatever, but I can’t really give one or the other an invitation to the Arena Cup tournament since it would be unfair for one of them. So right now there would be need for at least 5 more players to reach 16 so that it can actually be considered a tournament. I was thinking maybe getting to 24, but that would require 13 more partcipants, which in turn would take another 13 months to achieve. That’s a long long time. So I will stick to 16 participants this time. That means that the big tournament should happen around June next year since 5 months are required for this. I could rush it up a bit with 2 Legacy tournaments per month, but the problem is that not enough players show up, regardless of the posts I and Clemens make in the forums, facebook groups, etc. Legacy doesn’t have the biggest community around here. If there would be more people interested, I would definitely do a Legacy tournament twice per month. But I also want to avoid having the same winners and get more people who will be invited. It’s not like I have a problem with that, but I would rather have diversity rather than a group of friends inviting each other. I want to avoid possible draws in the Cup just because “my match up is better against that dude in the finals, let me win and we split”. Of course nobody would do this with a judge present there, but it’s not like this hasn’t happened already right? My goal is to get more people as winners so that the tournament can actually be very competitive. I asked around for how much the entry should cost. No more than 50€ was the reply. It’s ok for me since I want to do this anyway, but you have to think that there will be 3 judges in total who will supervise the tournament. A level 2 and 2 level 1 judges, one of them being myself. I don’t really care about my “compensation” as a judge for this tournament, but the other 2 surely will. So in order to have an attractive prize pool maybe 50€ isn’t enough to pay for the prizes which wil be single cards most probably. I doubt that players will want displays, but I could very well be wrong. Store credit is also a possibility, but again, I don’t think that is attractive enough for veteran Legacy player who want the €€.

Leave some comments with your thoughts on the entry fee and prize pool. How much is enough and how much is too much? I would like to make some money off this for my shop of course, but I don’t particularly care if it isn’t more than the usual Legacy tournament. The point is to give Legacy players something to look forward to in Bavaria.

For 2017 there might be a more open possibility. I talked to Sebastian from Augsburg about maybe starting some sort of League for Legacy players. If a good system can be found maybe we could pool together all the winners from both Ingolstadt and Augsburg into a bigger Arena Legacy Cup. Frankly I would want to get to more players than my store could handle, but that’s a very distant prospect. One has to start sometime, so what better place then here and what better time then now. Ratm.

Of the shop


I am in a serious, long term relationship with my shop. I am not a fan of open relationships, so I try to funnel all my energy into my current loving relationship with Arena Games. It’s a rewarding experience, but I am unsure of my decisions moving forward. In order to achieve what I have planned almost two years ago, I would need to make some changes. I have started, but there is a nagging feeling telling me that maybe I should open up and take the offer from FUNtainment to work with them. It’s not like I would relinquish control over my shop or anything, but maybe moving forward I would need more help then I care to say I actually need. Depends. Things aren’t bad or anything in Ingolstadt, except for the lack of players. If there would also be an active community, things would be much much better. I had a talk with someone from FUNtainment when I shared their event for YGO! on my page. You know the usual question if everything is going ok and probably he was expecting the usual reply that’s everything is fine. I actually said  that it’s not that good. Then I was told something like people here in Ingolstadt being price sensitive. I wonder what that comment was about. It might not have meant anything. I was wondering about that myself though. Are my products so much more expensive than anywhere else? Is it such a big difference that make people not want to buy from my store? Let me know. I would be very interested about that.

Oh yeah. Props to the YGO! community for stepping up and gathering more often for tournaments. Nice to see that there is a growing interest in this game. I will try to do more for you as time goes by, maybe establishing some sort of bigger tournaments.

Of the Void

I am an avid gamer as most of you already probably figured it out. I have been playing Starcraft for a very long time, grinding the ICCup (for those who remember those times) playing Starcraft: Brood War. I have always loved the concept of such a game: real time strategy that push your reactions to new limits. It’s fast paced and requires loads of training to actually get to a higher rank. I am currently playing (and flaming; thanks League of Legends for turning me into a total a§$hole) at top 8 Platinum. I love this game a whole lot more than any other computer games. A few years back I was looking into participating in bigger tournaments since I was at that time top Diamond practicing a around 4-5 hours per day. But then the Magic World Cup Qualifiers turned up and I wanted to try it out. It worked and I switched my focus to Magic. Anyway, a few years back I saw that there was this Barcraft stuff in Münich and also bigger tournaments. I always wondered if there would be enough interest in Ingolstadt to organize something like that. An 8 man tournament played online. You know, starting small. Could also be Archon mode. Would be totally cool to do slowly establish something like that. I know my way around the Starcraft strategy, although I would need to brush up on current strategies, so I would definitely be open to casting some of this even if it is only Gold League or so. It’s for fun and for the local community to have something different. Why should only the bigger cities have this? We could have this! We can make a small entry fee so that the winner gets something, but nothing big in the beginning. Or maybe just free for starters. No money. Just playing. Eventually it would maybe turn into something bigger.

Hearthstone is also of interest. A monthly tournament could easily be played from home. No need to be in the Arena really. I would love to be able to cast that as well since I hit rank 3-4 every month so I know my way around decks and strategies here as well. It would be awesome to create something like this. I am very hyped about this possibility. A few months ago there were some dudes who came into my shop asking me about a Hearthstone tournament. They were bummed out when I said that they should bring their laptops. I guess not everyone has that luxury. No problem. We do everything online. With proper reporting of matches, etc.

Casting would prove to be a bit of a challenge at first, but who doesn’t like challenges? Eh?


These awesome people showed up to play yesterday Das Schwarze Auge 5 in the Arena. It was unexpected to have this many people showing so much interest. The truth is that there are much more people who actually play DSA, but the turnout was great for this event. I am happy that people enjoyed themselves and I hope that we can organize this again in the near future. Maybe next time more people will show up. DSA has always been a favorite in Germany. A gigantic world filled with wonderous adventures. It’s no surprise that people show so much interest even after so many years since it was first published. People here have grown up with DSA. It has molded them into who they are now and I think each one of them is happy with that. These are geeks. Beautiful, awesome and fun geeks. Let’s do another Minicon in a few months! I am sure it will be at least as fun as this one 🙂

Here is a video of a part of the Minicon from Tsu: click me!

Many thanks to Michael for doing his best to set everything up. You are a pillar of the Roleplayinggame community in Ingolstadt. Keep it up!

Of mine


What is it that makes people click? Must be their values. What they think is good or bad, morally resposible, etc. People have opinions based on their perception of life and so begins an era of keyboard-gurus and warriors who seem wise and brave, yet invisible behind their computer monitors. My legacy is still in development. Everything writen above could be attributed to it being what I call my legacy. Each thought that I pour into my Arena Games beauty is another part that sticks to the current foundation that I have built from scratch. This blog is part of my legacy. Everything I say here is mine and can be said and done in any way that I choose. It’s open to the public, yes. People can leave comments and express their opinions as well. Yes. However…I also reserve the right to not care about what some say about how I run my own business and what I write in my own blog. Don’t like it, don’t read it. The same thing works differently for different people. “What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly.” – Morticia Addams. I don’t care if anyone understand my methods, what I do or say. I am resposible for what I write, not for what people understand from that…And I am not going to defend myself again in my own blog, on my own site, talking about my own business 😉

Enough of this though. Add me in battlenet! ArenaAdrian#2141. I would love to find more SC2 players. Hearthstone too! Come play against me 🙂

In the meantime…Ingolstadt! Time to wake up! We got stuff to do 😀
See you in the Arena!

4 Kommentare zu „Legacy: of a Cup, of the shop, of the Void, of DSA, of mine.“

  1. I would love to participate in a hearthstone tournament! 😀 but i’m a bit confused about the story of the guys who don’t have the luxury to bring their own device, since hearthstone is playable on smartphones for months now^^

  2. I do not anticipate to play in the special Tournament, but i will share my thought with you.

    You do this tournament as a reward for the good players who want some higher stakes/more serious event, right ? So, the players (always) want to win “a lot”, then why do you need 3 Judges (2 of them paid). Just judge yourself and take some of the remuneration for the store and put little bit more in the price pool. This way you won´t take away a big part of the price money from the players and you get some more money for your own. Not that there is a judge needed anyways, if you invite only the creme de la creme 😉

    1. Hi Hans. The thing is that when stakes are higher, people tend to…overlook some mistakes that they make. They may not do it on purpose, but having a judge at all times would prevent mistakes from either players. There is also the matter of a Level 2 Judge to show professionalism for a bigger tournament. Earning a few more euros wouldn’t really make a big difference in my bank account, but hiring a level 2 judge for the tournament would make a big difference for the players as they will see that it is the real deal. Thank you for you comment. I did think about it before posting my reply 🙂

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