Let it be known

It’s done. The Arena has finally and officially opened at Harderstr. 21. I have to thank Christian Dollinger for the help with everything to get going again with my store providing me with a temporary location. It’s been a huge rollercoaster ride in the past months, but I am ready to get off that damn ride and have a steady walk around. I am sure that sooner or later some sort of new rollercoaster ride might happen, but I would love to get some chill time and stabilize. So there isn’t really much more to say. I guess I can give you exact directions to the shop: go to Harderstr. 21 (big red door should be easy to spot), go through the hallway, look right to a door with posters of Magic the Gathering, go through there (close the door after yourself please :D), up the stairs following the posters to a door at the 1st floor and…go back. It’s the wrong place 😀 Just kidding. You’ll find a door on the 1st floor. You have arrived. Congratulations you little adventurer. You’ve done it 🙂 I’ll be waiting there to grant you some sort of Christmas wish in the form of cheaper stuff?

Tell your friends, your parents and your pets to drop by and grab some stuff for Christmas! I missed Black Friday this year…so to make up for it I would like to offer you a similar promotion until the end of the year. Simply ask me at the desk about this promotion and I will make a better price for you depending on how much you get 😉 But in order to do this, you would need to read this blog entry. So, good for you people who are reading this! 😀 I assume more people will find out soon enough about this anyway and it’s not like I am keeping it hidden (it’s on my freaking website :D), but it’s still nice to get dibs on something you may want from my shop before others (Modern Masters Displays, Meren Commander 😀 and a bunch of other sweet stuff). Alright. Enough is enough. Visit until the 31st of December and treat yourself and/or your loved ones to some geeky awesomeness!

See you in the Arena!

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