Modern Mayhem and February Fevers

It has been almost a month since my last entry here. As I am writing this I am all bundled up and recovering from a heavy punch to the gut by the Flu. Yesterday it hit me the hardest, but today looks a lot better 🙂 I was watching the Pro Tour Oath of the Gatewatch yesterday and I only was able to stay awake until just before the finals. I did know that it was an Eldrazi finals as Dickmann was eliminated by Floch in a 3-1 match. As the almight all-knowing Twitch chat said on that day: “So the story of Oath of the Gathewatch is that the Eldrazi were vanquished. Too bad nobody told Modern that.”. Truth right there 😀

The internet was ablaze about the new Eldrazi decks that popped up. Initially they were 8% of the meta according to the pie chart WotC provided:

pie chart modern

The first number before the comma is the number of decks played. Not to be confused with 151,39% or so. Yet, in the top 8, the meta was 75% Eldrazi and 25% Affinity. As Tao won the finals and crowned himself and his UR Eldrazi as Pro Tour Champions, the internet was bursting with cries of emergency bans on the side of WotC. The favorite topic on endless forums that popped up after the finals: “if Splinter Twin/Amulet hadn’t been banned, this would have never happened”. That is very true. We would probably have had a Twin vs Twin or Amulet vs Twin finals. In the last modern trial event at the Arena for the BoM Madrid before the bans came out, 5 out of 10 players played a variant of Twin. So…how is this any different really? The top 8 at the PT didn’t have diversity, but I don’t think it would have been that much different with Twin/Amulet in play. While people think that WotC wanted to make money from this by making new cards popular, just remember that WotC are a subsidiary of Hasbro. Hasbro is one of the largest toy makers in the world. So money is not an issue for them. WotC can also release, re-release, print, re-print endlessly and make a ton of money. The fact that they came up with new original Eldrazis is pretty cool though. Or would everyone be happier if they just simply reprinted the original 3 big Eldrazis? I don’t really think so. That would be beyond boring.


I have been a fan of the Eldrazi, but just because they resemble the Zerg from Starcraft 2 a whole lot. While my dislike is just strictly related to the abilities on some Eldrazi (Annihilator isn’t really that funny), most people are just flat out angry at the decks themselves because they are broken. That’s funny. So, some very brilliant minds of Magic the Gathering, who have been playing since the dawn of this game, who have endless titles under their belts, have spent a very huge amount of time to create a very precise, meta-breaking deck that worked as planned and people are just angry. These people should instead rejoice: the “I play Modern” Pack was basically handed out to them: decklists are out, primers on Eldrazi will soon flood the MtG interweb. The prices of the cards you need are too high for you? Well, nobody said winning was cheap and in MtG it never was. If you look at the prices previous decks had before the bans came out it was pretty similar and need I remind everyone that neither Liliana of the Veil nor Tarmogoyf have moved from their 90€ and 110€ price tag. So again, while it’s normal for any company to want to make profit, the secondary “black” market of cards is resposible for these unreal prices. One can easily buy a booster pack and get lucky. That’re a minimal chance to hit the right card there, but considering how many Oath of the Gatewatch Eldrazis were played in the Top 8, buying a display doesn’t look that far off from being a good idea. Besides having a chance to get Modern stuff, you also stock up on cards for Standard in case you are playing that, which you should; I heard it’s still MtG and it’s still fun 😉

And lastly on the Eldrazi topic. I am very certain we haven’t seen the last of them. MaRo once said in a podcast that there are hints about new editions in plain sight if people look closely. The one clear hint that the Eldrazi are not done and will be back sooner or later:

vCM1DZ7nCE_iconUgin’s Insight

“You speak to me of the threat of Ulamog. But do not forget: they came as three.”—Ugin, to Jace Beleren

According to this we still need to see a new transformed Emrakul, the Aeons Torn. Maybe in the form of a planeswalker? One could only hope for such awesomeness. +1: Target player gets rekt by Annihilator X. Boom! Move over Liliana, daddy Kul is the new ‘walker on the block. While this would be very possibly overpowered, the planeswalker itself could also have a cost of 10+ mana to mitigate the loss of permanents if you play him late in the game. Who knows. We’ll have to wait and see.




The last DSA minicon was a huge success for the Ingolstadt community! 26 players came together to express their love for Das Schwarze Auge and we even had a special guest from Ulisses Spiele Thomas Echelmeyer who drove 450kms to the Arena to bring us promo stuff and indroduce a DSA card game to the participants. Was very nice to have him there offering us insight into new products. People have asked about the next one. I don’t know for now. It really depends on Dungeon Masters really. The minicon will definitely be on a Saturday, but I don’t know exactly when. More updates will be posted on the facebook page of the store. Click me for the link to the Arena Games Instagram account and a picture of the last Minicon.

This week there will be Game Day in the Arena on Saturday and Sunday starting at 12. It will be Standard format. You can win some promos too 🙂 For all participants there will be an Immolating Glare given out.

The Top 8 players will receive this awesome version of Jori En, Ruin Diver:


Additionaly the winner of each Game Day Event will win this exclusive playmat:

So get to brewing and come show off your creation this weekend! I also know that this Game Day was put exactly on Valentine’s Day weekend which is really not the best idea if you ask me. Don’t know what WotC was really thinking, but you can still have an awesome time in the evening with your better half even if you participate in the morning at an exciting Standard event 🙂


Legacy is comming up on the 20th of February and I expect to have more players this time around for this tournament. It’s a Bazaar of Moxen Trial for Annecy which should be of interest to the Legacy grinders out there. If we reach more than 20 players or more, there will be a Tundra put as a first place prize 😉 So don’t miss the chance to get that awesome Dual Land and also a pair of byes to the Annecy touranment. Remember that the finalist ALSO gets one bye!

pptq cover

The month of February will conclude with a Standard Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier on the 27th of February. Winning such a tournament gets you an invite for a Regional Pro Tour Qualifier. The Top 4 finishers of a Regional Pro Tour Qualifier with 128 or fewer players receive airfare and invitations to the second Pro Tour of 2016, while 5th- through 8th-place finishers receive invitations to the next round of Regional Pro Tour Qualifiers. If the Regional Pro Tour Qualifier is 129 or more players, 5th- through 8th-place finishers instead receive airfare and invitations to the second Pro Tour of 2016. If you have watched the Pro Tour Oath of the Gatewatch you saw how much the winner put in his pocket after he won the event (spoiler: 40,000$). The Pro Tour is a great experience for anyone who wants to get a deeper glimpse into the competitive part of Magic the Gathering and with a total payout of 250,000$ even the 75th place gets 1000$. Give the PPTQ a try. At the very least you get to see how far your skill can get you 🙂

A little shout-out is needed for this one:

julian knab

Last weekend was also MKM Series Milan. I know some people who went there and one of them actually won the Legacy Tournament. I didn’t see a post in the Münich group about this, so maybe I simply missed it. Congratulations to Julian Knab! Hard work pays off. Best of luck in other tournaments.

I’m out for now. I have to make myself some tea and hope that tomorrow will be better and not worse.

Thoughts about Modern? What’s good now? What’s bad? What can be done to truly vanquish the evil Eldrazi? Leave a comment!

See you in the Arena! 🙂

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