Oh gee, I am famous I guess :D

As some of you know, I have been trying for quite a long time to get a video for the shop. It has taken months for that to happen, due to different reasons which don’t matter anymore. I am very pleased with the end result. Although some naysayers have already flamed, I am willing to persevere with my plan on dropping this commercial in the cinema from next month on. I did plan on having things start this month, but realistically it’s a bad idea since most students have exams in these weeks. I assume they won’t go to the cinema as much as they would in their holiday from school. So I am playing it safe and waiting a bit.

The video was shot in February, which would explain the scarfs and being all bundled up. Since then there have been additions to the shop. There are 2 racks full of Games Workshop products and another shelf full of board games. But the video is supposed to show that a hobby game shop exists in Ingolstadt and that it’s ready to offer a great experience to gaming enthusiasts. It’s not supposed to be this bling-bling-yo-come-to-ma’-shop stuff. I wanted to show a realistic view of what I can offer. And I think it worked. Of course there will always be opinions about this or that not being right, but then again for the beginning I think it’s quite ok. Further down the line maybe there will be something new. For now, I am happy.

Here’s the link to the video on Facebook: click me!

I plan on going to the first time the video will roll in the cinema. It might be the one and only time that I will get to see myself on the big screen 🙂 If you’re in the video you should definitely check it out as well. You have time though. You should be able to see the commercial any time in the next 4 months. However it will only be available in the Cinemas 3,4,5,6. Apparently those are the most visited ones, with number 4 being the top one.

On a financial note: I care about how much it all costs, but if everything does fail horribly and I have paid a lot of money for nothing, well…You live, you learn 🙂 One thing that I want to do from now on is to not doubt myself based on what other people say. If there is something to question myself about, it should come from me. I am not saying I won’t respect other people’s opinions, but I won’t give them great importance either. In the end I am riding this train alone and I am the only dude who can pull the breaks or accelerate. Maybe I will get a co-pilot in the future, but right now I am just enjoying the ride 😉


Special thanks to:

– Meego Movin Pictures for filming.

– Cenusa Soarelui for music and video editing.

– Maximilian Falk for voiceover.

– Everyone who helped in the making of this video.


Thank you all so much for supporting me! I am lucky to have such amazing people around me!


See you in the Arena!


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