Offline is better

I have had issues for a while now regarding the sales that I do online on MKM and on Mage. What I mean by that is that I went astray with this online sales thing. The wave got me and I went surfing for way too long. Online sales should just be a bonus for my sales that I normally do at the store, but this hasn’t been the case recently. I have focused more and more on anything else but the store. The small changes that I did in the shop haven’t been that big since the beginning of the promo pack promotion a while back. Now it’s time to change that.

MTG Booster Drafts

This has been the most played format in the store (seriously, even above commander) for a long time. However, in recent times Booster Drafts have abdicated in favor of Commander. It’s actually normal since the casual eternal format is a massive player magnet. I want to explain a bit what Booster Drafts missed to do in the previous times and how it didn’t benefit anyone, including the store. Drafts are supposed to get players to build new decks, see different synergies and play versus other like-minded players. I am not sure if the price itself was the biggest entry barrier, but that’s going to change right now as well.

The price for newer editions Booster Drafts will sink from 15€ to 12€. By nerfing the overall price we will also nerf the booster pack prize support we give out. We’ll balance that out with handing out promo packs though. Each player will always get a card from the promo packs. For every 8 players for a booster draft, we will open a foil promo pack and a normal promo pack. As long as supplies last we will just go forward with this method. Theoretically, if drafts pick the pace up, the Arena will receive even more packs, effectively feeding the prize pool consistently over the course of a season (the lifespan of the newest edition).

12€? That’s cheaper than buying the boosters. Yes. That is exactly the point. It’s simply the better choice to draft for two main reasons: it’s cheaper and you get to pick the cards you want. Hopefully, this should solve a major issue with the beginners as well. People seem to be literally afraid and intimidated to play at the store because they will get crushed. Drafts have a learning curve, just like the mana in the decks…Maybe with the price sinking, offering mad rewards in the form of promo packs, the draft count will grow.

What about flashback drafts? Those have different prices because of various editions, but overall the 4€ booster pack drafts will be 10€. The rest depends on the edition as I just said.


Nothing will really change right now. There are plenty of players and it’s a healthy environment. Starting with Ikoria, the store will also have the Commander products Wizards are putting out. Amongst them, there will also be this new draft format for Commander. I am unsure how it will actually play out with everyone, but we’ll definitely give it a shot. The only question is when to hold these events. It should be either Friday or Saturday. I would say Saturday at about 13:00 or 14:00, so that FNM stays as it is. But in the end, if the format becomes more popular we can switch it to Friday at about 17 or 18 with casual play afterward. Let’s see.

YGO Tournaments

There aren’t really any big changes here. We’ll add more boosters to the prize pools depending on attendance. We think the overall experience and prize support are at a good level. If there are any improvements we could do, please mention them to Markus or me. Speaking of both of us, we decided we’ll take part in more events as well. It just seems so fun right now 😀 The main idea here is that we need more tournaments to take place in order to get to Platinum or Diamond. We want to hit that by Summertime, so we can offer Regionals and Nationals for the local community. We got some very good feedback from the people responsible for the German market for YGO. The Arena is at a great level and they want us to grow bigger. We’ll try to give them exactly that 🙂


They’re pretty much dead. We still have some open ones which are meant for casual play in-store. We’re keeping those, but the others are already long gone. The reality is that neither Markus nor I have the energy and time to delve into learning more games and maintaining the TCG part of the store to the highest level that we want to. Perhaps in the future, if things change, Boardgames will be back, but for now, they’re taking a hiatus.

That’s all for now. If there are any other changes coming up I’ll be sure to keep everyone updated here 🙂 Enjoy the rest of your week and hopefully we’ll meet up at Locals at the store.

See you in the Arena!