Peasant GP, Judge Seminars and Modern Masters Madness

The Peasant GP was again really fun. I enjoyed myself even though I mostly did the parings and results. At the very least my presence there with the Event Reporter gave some players Planeswalker Points that maybe they would need for Grand Prix or for the National Qualifiers. After the GP there was a booster draft. I played pretty bad and went 1-3. Much skill. Such draft.

47 people attended the Peasant GP. It’s growing. And that’s a great thing. People need more options when playing magic and the Peasant Ingolstadt group is a great alternative! I have spoke to some people from that group and there may be one Peasant Tournament per month in the future. Hopefully we will reach an agreement and the Arena can entertain even more MtG format. You should definitely check the out the Peasant group here: Peasant Magic Ingolstadt.

After the GP there was a booster draft in which I played as well. Last time I won the draft, this time I went a dazzling 1-3 to earn a fierce place 7.


Fast forward: it’s Sunday morning. Still feeling the buzz from the several beers I drank at the booster draft, I need to get up and get to the shop for the first ever Regional MtG Judge meeting…in Ingolstadt! In Arena! I was pleasantly surprised at the turnout: 17 judges. There were 3 Level 2 Judges that basically organized everything. There was a judge from Austria and from Dresden too. It was very enlightening. There were 2 Seminars. One was about Stalling and how to deal with it and the other was about becoming a Level 2 Judge. The Stalling Seminar was really informative. I am now much better equipped to deal with people who are trying to stall the game out. There were also judging simulations in which the Level 1 judges had to respond to different problems. We were separated into 2 groups led by Level 2 judges. There were some complicated moments, but the judges in each group handled everything professionally. We all need to learn a lot more if we want to be proper judges, but overall I think we did fine. This is a moment of the judging simulation in which we had to implicate a Level 2 judge because the solution was really out of our reach.

judge simulation

There are 3 Level 2 judges in this picture. Guess who 🙂 After the Seminars some of the judges still stayed for a drink and a wurst near the Arena because there was the Bierfest going on. I got to take 2 pictures:
judge drinking
judge drinking 2
I know how my face looks in the first picture. You’re welcome for the laugh. Of course in the second I am doing my best pseudo-bavarian impression (because in Bavaria having a Minecraft snapback cap is considered the newest religion).

The weekend overall was really awesome. I enjoyed myself a lot. I actually can’t wait for the next judge meeting in August. Even though everything was in German, I understood a lot and the judges were nice enough to translate anything that I needed help with in English. Awesome dudes are awesome. They also left a thank you gift, which was, again, very awesome! Thanks to all the judges that were involved in this and I hope this article shows how much a Regional Judge meeting was needed. We need to work together if we want to support what we love.


Let’s move on 🙂 What’s the deal with this stuff?

modern masters

I scoured the internet sites where Magic products are sold and realized that my initial offer of 200€ per display was low compared to other stores. Now, I don’t want to be greedy or anything, but I also need to charge people a relatively ok amount of money to actually make some profit out of all of this. I have no issues if people want to buy from anywhere else. I understand completely if you found some awesomely cheap offer. Go get it! (and maybe grab one for me too :D). But for the others who want to support my shop or simply don’t want to over complicate themselves with internet sites or whatever, you are welcome to buy from the Arena at the price of 240€ per display. If that sounds like a good deal (which I believe it is), then send me a message or, better yet, drop by and let’s talk about it. I still have some available, but they are going fast. There were some lucky people who bought the moment they saw the first price. And I won’t back out on the initial offer. Good for you for being hands on and not hesitating. Right now I can still sell 15. But be warned: the last displays will be more expensive because of the limited availability. Don’t take this the wrong way, but a man must realize the importance of Modern Masters and the concept of limited availability. I will keep some for drafting as well. Maybe there will be enough people interested in a Modern Masters Release Draft? Maybe.

As a side note: sorry for taking so long with this article. Exhaustion is creeping up on me and I can’t manage to do everything I want to do. Hopefully things will change.


See you in the Arena!



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