Plague 2.0

I swear this Coronavirus has some really bad timing. Mystery boosters were just released. I was also getting into YGO much more. The weather also looks really nice. I was thinking of going on some forest walks again. But nope. Corona corona corona. Everything is about this damn disease. Well, nothing else to do than make the best of it. But I do want to write today about some issues the Arena will be facing in the next weeks.

For the past days, I’ve been hanging out in various fictional worlds playing games and ranking up. The grind never ends I guess. Never for a gamer 🙂 However, waking up to the Arena being closed on a day when there should be a tournament going on…Really annoying. It’s starting to creep in that this is becoming more and more uncomfortable. It began like a small holiday, that’s turning into an indefinite crisis. Each day the store is closed will hurt more and more in the long term. The effects are not visible now, but boy oh boy, will they show later on.

Shops are closing their doors worldwide. It’s a hard time for everyone who is self-employed, but even worse for those self-employed with their own employees. I won’t sugarcoat it. What started off as an internet meme for most of us is now a very real fact. This virus is on our minds on a daily basis since its omnipresence is felt in every action we take. Depending on how long this lockdown will last, some people will lose their jobs and some small businesses will close down. Easy as that. Bam! You lose your job because the reality of economics and capitalism is knocking on your store’s front door.

Currently. my situation is as follows: I have to pay only half the rent for the next months but then have to pay for its entirety along the way. That’s not as bad as many others might have it. I have already read that some landlords are demanding the rent in full without any concern about this crazy situation. It’s not the entrepreneur’s fault that this disease is spreading like wildfire, yet the full payment is expected for the rent. Bad luck? I think it’s somewhat inhumane to do this. There are no customers and the stores are closed. How should a shop make money without physical customers? The internet? Well, then why would I have the store in the first place if I should make my money online? Damn…

Stores aren’t closed because people wanted to go on vacation. This is an extraordinary real-life scenario. We were told that our option is getting a loan from various institutions that offer such “help”. So not only will stores lose money from not having customers and having to pay rent, now they need a loan to get out of this mess so they get into a bigger mess later down the road. It’s a tough reality. The economical impact on small businesses will have very detrimental effects. Some businesses will just disappear after all of this. They are the ones that are strictly based on foot traffic. It’s Darwin’s law applied to small stores. Only the strong will survive.

But it’s not all looking grim. It can’t be. If there is anything that I have learned in life, it’s that there is always a way. The solution is nearer than you usually think. The Arena is still selling cards and other products online. Of course, not even close to how it used to be, but it’s something. And anything to be able to pay the rents and survive is amazing. The German state also offers more options that we need to take a look into more deeply. It just seems too surreal for all businesses to not have any help at all. For now, it’s only some superficial information that I have. Once everyone and everything calms down a bit, there will be some news regarding stores and not only.

I don’t like writing stuff like this…but I also have no choice as it seems. There is no end in sight right now, so the only logical measure that I can take is to get ready for the worst. If any of you want to help the Arena in any way, please consider purchasing any products from our website or message us privately to reserve games for when this will all be over with. Consider buying Vouchers from us as well. Any payments can be made by bank account or via PayPal: Basically, anything helps right now so we stay afloat without too much damage being done.

Plague 2.0 has been activated, but we’re stronger than it. We will win. And once we’re done with this, I will…

See you in the Arena!