Pokémon Go is awesome! Part 1

Hey there guys and gals! Haven’t written an article in a while now. For those who don’t know me, I own the game store on the website you are currently on 😀 I also play Pokémon Go and I am currently level 28. Go Team Instinct!


Pokémon Go has been the new craze around town for the past month or so. It has captured the hearts, minds and feet of so many people that it is fair to say now that Pokémon Go is a world wide phenomenon as huge as Facebook when it was launched. Maybe a bit too much? I don’t think so. I’ll elaborate further. Here are a few reasons why Pokemon GO is actually the best thing that happened to the Geek world since…a long long time.

The good!

1) You exercise (outside!)

exercise squirtle

Seems a bit weird huh? Walking I mean, not the title of the first actual benefit. It must have been ages since you actually walked for the sake of walking. I have a personal story of success regarding Pokémon Go. I have been walking so much for the past month throughout the city that my physiotherapist says I should write a thank you letter to Niantic and Pokémon/Nintendo. Really. I walk daily between 5-10kms for those damned eggs. Busses? Cars in general? No thanks. Bike and feet. Let’s GO!

2) You socialize with new people

social pokemon

Ok. This one may no apply to everyone. I have heard about people playing this game turning it into their solo adventure. That’s definitely one way of playing the game. You don’t have to crush Gyms left and right to actually make yourself relevant in this game. Some people play it just for catching them all. But for the most part you need to socialize in order to get things going for you. Gyms are the place where you can put your designated Pokémon inside and boast to your friends about. From a darker perspective you are a little mobster protecting your turf from outsiders. Or you are the invader trying to crush defenses. Whatever the case, you can’t do it alone in the long term. You will run out of potions and that’s where you can’t fight anymore. Moving in packs is rewarded in this game. Meet new people when you see a gym that is being taken by the same color. Maybe it won’t work out from the first time, but trust me, you will definitely meet some interesting people along the way 😉

3) You travel a bit more

travel pokemon

I know some friends who already planned roadtrips to bigger cities just because of Pokémon Go. I think that’s great. For real. If there haven’t been any reasons to travel, now there definitely is one. You’re in Rome to see the Colosseum? Yeah cool. I loved it there. But I wish I could have caught something too 😀 Did you know that there are specific Pokémon that you can only catch on different continents?
Tauros for North America, Kangaskhan for Australasia, Mr. Mime for Europe and Farfetch’d for Asia.

4) The potential for greatness that is Pokémon Go


The game is designed to get people outside, to socialize and ultimately exercise. Of course they also want money for this. These people didn’t work for hours on end developing this game to just get a pat on the back and a collective world-wide thank you. They need to pay rent like most of us and get through the day, albeit getting through the day with thousands of dollars seems so much better for some reason. The game pormotes a different type of cellphone gaming. This has been done at this scale (Ingress, the other Niantic game was first, but not as popular), but Pokémon Go hit home with too many people. It became such a huge phenomenon comparable to Facebook opening its gates for personal profiles.

The bad…

1) Wannabe Poké-gangsters

There are also downsides of this game though. It’s not only rainbows and sunshine…There are parts that you can see are bad, not counting the bugs and errors that have plagued the game since it launched more than a month ago. In case you don’t know how Gyms in Pokémon Go work, once you get a Gym to level 1, you can immediately put a second Pokemon inside because of the Prestige of the Gym. This works up to 3 Pokémons and after that you need to fight and defeat those Pokémons with one of yours in order to highten the Prestige, thus allowing others to put in their Pokémon.


So…I was walking through Klenzepark trying to catch some little critters and there was a Yellow Gym with one Pokémon inside. I saw some dudes using their phones, but you can’t know if they are playing Pokémon Go or not. So I saw my chance of putting one of my dudes in to strenghten the Team Instinct Gym. Then one of those guys from the benches gets up to me and asks if I put the second Pokémon inside. I say “Yeah. T’was me”. I could feel the rage coming from him and his friend from the few meters that were separating us. Apparently they were fighting the Gym to make it red or blue. I will take a wild guess and say they were in their late 20s, early 30s perhaps. I’m not judging their age considering that I am 30 and I play this game like a mad man, just judging their attitude towards me. I was playing the game and supporting my team as is intended in the game. What should I do? Walk away because some dudes are trying to take over a Gym? What is this? Some sort of first come, first served type of game? Nope. If I will be there at the same time with another dude trying to take over one of my team’s Gym, I will try to defend it.

Moral of this short story: don’t let yourself be intimidated by random people over a virtual game. Smile and walk away if you sense they are going berserk though (and then return later, take the Gym they took and leave a 10CP Swaggykarp there 😎 Apply cold Gyarados water to Charizard burn 😀 ).

2) Addiction


Addiction is a terrible thing. I see it in myself somewhat. The walking around sometimes seems a bit counterproductive. I ended up getting 5 minutes late to work a few times because of that. Yeah, I know. Not the same thing as working in a company as I am my own boss, so not really worried about taking heat for tardiness, but still…Consistency. I can’t be taken seriously as a shop if I don’t open on time. I got that fixed for myself, but I already heard stories of people being really late for work because of Pokémon Go. Come on…You need a bit of money to play this game if you want to level up faster, so you need to work to get the money. If you can’t draw a line between Pokémon Go and work, you should stay away from each and every online game ever. It’s not Pokémon Go that’s the problem, it’s you. The same applies to walking around and hitting walls, stop signs and every other “obstacles” the city you live in as put “in your way”. Take your eyes off the phone and look where you’re walking, the phone will vibrate if a Pokémon will spawn near you. You’re not going to miss out on anything. And also the same things apply if you are in a relationship: if you are distracted SO MUCH by Pokémon Go that you don’t pay almost any attention to your partner, maybe you should take a step back and ask yourself some questions. It isn’t the game that’s the problem. I know that sounds disappointing to some people, as it is easier to blame anything else except one’s self, but surprise: you’re the main reason for your problems when it comes to addiction.

3) The haters

Pokemon GO Hater

On the other side of the spectrum there are the haters…Well, technically this isn’t really a downside of the game. It’s just the people around you giving you a hard time for…nothing.

All the people who are telling me that I should do anything else except play Pokémon Go should just lay off. I am a gamer. Have been all my life. I don’t think it is possible for me to drop gaming out of my life. It is a part of me. Before playing Pokémon Go I was playing Magic the Gathering, League of Legends and, get ready for it, I mean really ready for it, not messing with your here….drum roll…Candy Crush Saga. Yep. I also dropped all of those in favor of Pokémon Go. Definitely not entirely as I still play several games per week of LoL trying to get to Platinum 5. With MtG it’s a different matter all together that I will perhaps talk about in a different post. So…What people are saying right now that they see me on the street with my phone and powerbank is that I am a loser, throwing away my time uselessly. But when I was indoors and playing LoL it was ok? No? Not even then?

Moral of this story: be yourself. Don’t give a Rattata’s ass about what people say about you. Haters gonna hate no matter what.


Part 2 coming later this week where I also talk to Phil from the Azure team (Lvl 31) and Viet from the ArenaGames team (Lvl 25). Topics will include incense (various types of them), lock modules (why they shouldn’t exist), hatching eggs (how much xp is actually worth the walk), gym levels (the system that would clear the gym problems up) and more!!!



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