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Erweiterung für das Basisspiel Concordia.

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Concordia Venus includes new personality cards with the goddess Venus allowing for new strategies, two maps (Hellas/Ionium) on which to play (using components from the Concordia base game in addition to new cards), and rules that enable teams of two players to play against one another.

Extension. For 2-5 players. Duration: 90 min. Only together with the original game ‘concordia’ play.
Card/board or dice game
Concordia Salsa (Latin flavor =) spices the multi award winning Concordia with whole new elements:. Salt as a brand new product, obtained in salt cities. Salt is a joker and can replace any other product. . 27 individual Forum cards for even more variety and new strategies. . 1 new game board with the two scenarios Byzantium/Hispania For Even More Variety. Concordia Salsa is completely can be combined: both with the original game board Empire/Italia, as well as with the game plan of the Britannia/Germania.