Magic the Gathering Arena of the Planeswalkers DE


Beinhaltet 5x Planeswalker Figuren, 30x Trupp-Figuren, 6x Geländeplatten, 2x 3er-Hexfeld-Anhöhen, 2x 1er-Hexfeld-Anhöhen, 2x Ruinen, 4x Glyphen, 30x Schandensmarken, 20-Seitiger Würfel, 10x Kampfwürfel, 15 Armeekarten, 60 Zauberspruchkarten

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In Arena of the Planeswalkers, stalwart Rhox soldiers, swift-moving Elves, illusionary creatures, and mighty elementals all come to battle in the first-ever board game set in the Magic: The Gathering Multiverse. You play the role of one of five Planeswalkers, powerful mages battling for supremacy. Each of the Planeswalkers has a unique set of spells and allies to call to the conflict. Will you be Chandra, furious and incendiary? Or are you Jace, controlling the battlefield with spells and movements of others? Step into the Arena to test your strategies against friends and enemies. The last Planeswalker standing wins!

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