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Orkensturm is a board game for 3-8 players, age 14 and above, with more than 200 cards, eight different colored tiles sets and a large game board with illustrations from the World of the Black Eye by artist Nadine Schäkel.

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Join adventurers in the year 1010 after the fall of Bosparan. The Kingdom of Raul fears for the fate and safety of Emperor Hal, who has disappeared without a trace on a hunting trip in the Bornland. While the heir apparent, Brin of Gareth, searches for his father, discord is sown in the capital city by the influential noble Answin in a bid for the throne. The orcs in the Middle Kingdom plot to make haste and take advantage of this prime opportunity! Thousands pour forth, warlike in their midnight furs, from Orkland and scour the country with fire and death. Desperately, Prince Brin gathers his remaining followers to face the hordes of the Aikar Brazoragh, the chief chosen by the Ork gods, on the battlefield. While the third Orc invasion rages in Aventuria, the cards to power and prestige will be reshuffled in the glamorous Gareth capital city. Here the adventure begins!

In Orkensturm, the players take on the roles of those who have stayed behind in the Imperial City of Gareth. Will you choose to support Emperor Answin, the Usurper or the Rightful Heir to the throne, Brin of Gareth? Will Prince Brin succeed in routing the orcs and return home victorious from the battlefield? Or will he perish in battle, Answin remaining the only hope of the Middle Kingdom as a strong ruler? Which of them triumphs is uncertain, because the orc invasion has many possible outcomes. The players can exert their influence to support one of the factions — with direct effects on the end of the story.