As some of you know I recently had to pay a lot of money for a bunch of (soon to be outdated) Games Workshop products. This has led to stress and anxiety on my part and also a bit of financial chaos. Things were looking good and even greater before I had to make a huge payment for the said products from GW. One of the things that really got me down was that I used up all the money I made from Magic to not crash and burn at the end of last month. It was a thin line that I was walking, the ever-present rent looming around whispering “You gotta pay me son”.

All in all everything, somehow, worked out and things are slowly moving forward. It’s definitely not the place I wanted to be in after 9 months of being open. Time flies and I am somewhat baffled as to how lightning fast everything just came and went. But that’s how things are. This Games Workshop deal was a “calculated risk”, with discussions ranging from 20 minutes to a an hour or two. At first I was eager to dive in and open a new branch for my customers. But in the end there isn’t that great of an interest in Warhammer from my customers and getting new ones is even more difficult with an already existing Games Workshop store in the same city. In theory the idea GW management has is: “There is a store in your city that recruits new players, who eventually buy from you as well as from our store”. That did not work out. Not at all. Eh…moving on 🙂

The cinema spot started last week on Thursday! Yeah! Super awesome, yet I haven’t been there to see it myself yet. I will probably go this week to take a glimpse of what it actually looks like on the big screen and to see the reaction of the people there. I hope that this will bring me some more customers as the community is in dire need of new players. The emptiness of the store is not only detrimental to the store’s financial situation but also to the gaming community in Ingolstadt. If people would come from another city and see how empty the store is when a tournament should take place, they would be completely taken aback. Oh wait…it actually happened like that last Saturday. 3 guys drove from Munich to participate in the Modern tournament that had as first place a Tarmogoyf (~120€) also with other prizes worth 60€ and less for 2nd place and lower. 1 person from Ingolstadt came to the tournament with a total number of 4 in the end. You can imagine how the 3 guys felt. But honestly all 4 right? I mean, who cares that the last guy came from Ingolstadt? He still showed up and nobody was here. It is clear that Ingolstadt has a strong Legacy community and that’s all good. I just don’t get why people wouldn’t want to take a shot at hitting 1st place and winning that epic Tarmogoyf.

728 x 90 FNM

Friday Night Magic saw a slight improvement last week: 6 players in total! That’s 6 players more than the week before that! #progress right there! One might wonder though why people wouldn’t want to show up for a tournament which would reward them with a FNM promo just for participating in the tournament. Let’s not even talk about the fact that the promo just happens to be Path to Exile a.k.a. a staple for most white based decks in Modern. The value of ~8€ wouldn’t hurt either. Again: people would get that just for participating. Mind = blown.

But perhaps the publicity in the cinema will raise some eyebrows and get people curious about this shop, therefor increasing the amount of players. The previous shop didn’t have many players, but it also didn’t have any proper advertising either. Let’s see.

728 x 90 Prerelease

This week shows promise of a bunch of people participating in tournaments. There’s FNM (not getting too hyped about it, but who knows? :)), 1v1 Prerelease Magic freakin’ Origins on Saturday and 2v2 Prerelease Magic doublefreakin’ Origins on Sunday. For the 1v1 Prerelease I want to try something new this time. I had a few talks with other people, and I also read some articles featured by Wizards on their website for retailers, about prereleases being much friendlier and relaxed. I thought that it was relaxed enough but I fear it might not be for the new player who is starting out with tournament play. Therefor I decided that this prerelease will only have 4 rounds regardless of the amount of players participating, with prizes being distributed after all swiss rounds are over. After that the top 8 can still play to see who is the winner of the entire event if they want to or not. You will get 1 Booster per Victory. So that means the maximum amount of boosters you can win is 4. At first I thought it devalues the winner’s achievement, but in truth I want it to be more relaxed. This doesn’t change anything with any of the other tournaments: they stay as they are with the winner getting quite a lot more than the others. But for the prerelease I want to tone it down a little. I also want to try out open dueling since the prerelease willl only have 4 rounds anyway, so there should be enough time for that too. I am curious at the result.

Reminder: On Sunday I will only open for the 2v2 prerelease and then I will close. And since it will be a “Geschlossene Gesellschaft” maybe some people will bring some beer too, you know, as is the norm here in Bayern *wink wink* 😀

All in all I am coming back from a tough month and I hope I will do better in the next ones. Here’s hoping for no more shots in the dark.

See you in the Arena! 🙂

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