There was nothing else I wanted to do this weekend except to play in the War of the Spark (Pre)Release. I was itching to get my hands on a pack and feel the Spark myself, create a deck and fight against other Gladiators at the Arena. Unfortunately for me, I had to pick out, pack and ship 250+ orders on Cardmarket. I’m obviously not unhappy with that, but it did drain me. I was firing on all cylinders. I barely made any conversation with anyone because I needed to focus intensely on what I was doing so that I could avoid making any mistakes. I want to quickly give a shout out to the Nackt & Rosa players who visited from Pfaffenhofen and the NML players as well. Thank you all for joining and I hope you had an amazing time. I apologize for not being more chatty, but work is work and I needed to be on top of my game. The Prerelease though was a resounding success. All events to take all the Prerelease packs with them and people enjoyed themselves and loved the set. It was a great weekend I am sure and I hope you all felt great about it. The truth is that I didn’t necessarily need to force it like that and prepare orders all day. But I thought about all the people who may be just like me and would really be happy getting their cards as soon as possible and playing versus their friends or in a tournament. So I kept going. I pushed hard and I finished the vast majority of the orders in record time. I was completely done the next day, but it was worth it. People are indeed happy and it shows in the reviews I got. Everybody won this time.

Where the sea meets the sky

You guessed it: Modern Horizons. Although I haven’t seen any spoilers I strongly believe this is a great move by Wizards of the Coast. Introducing a line that will fuel modern directly is a great way to create a longer engagement for players in the long term. With Modern Horizons my hopes and expectations of Wizards of the Coast have materialized: they want to keep paper magic alive and well. There is a lot of talk about Wizards moving into digital only, but if that ever happens it will be in decades not in years. I am a very big proponent of this set. It is going to be great I can assure you. Don’t expect it to be anything less than that. If you’ve paid attention with the last few standard sets…have you noticed how quite a lot of cards have Modern potential? Do you think all Shocklands were randomly chosen to be printed exactly a few months away from the release of Modern Horizons? Wizards have set the stage for all of us to give modern a chance. If you haven’t done so up to now, this is it. It’s the best possible time to get into it. Don’t miss out right when it’s under your nose.

Arrivals // Departures

As June comes closer and closer Markus is determined to make an impact at the store and will be ready in full force this summer to be bombarded by your many questions about cards and rulings, prices and products. Don’t be shy, just throw everything at him including the kitchen sink! Let him have it. 😀 🙂
But when one comes…another leaves. Sebastian is no longer at the Arena. After more than half a year of working together, we have agreed that the best course of action is to go our separate ways professionally. I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors Sebastian. Don’t be a stranger to the Arena. You’ll always be a Gladiator.

Expansion and hopfuly, Explosion

I couldn’t pull off everything at the same time so I decided to go at it only half-heartedly. Not by choice, rather because of other constraints. Luckily these limitations are now gone and I can pull the trigger on getting the other 3 PCs for the shop and give the Arena a feeling of more than just trading card games. It may or may not all work out as I imagine it, but I am sure I will come close to translating what’s in my head into reality. I would like to get a couch inside the shop as well and put the PS4 back into action. I am sure this will ease the atmosphere and get people into spending time together with their friends at the store. Board games will definitely be back on the menu. I want to get all the great titles and expand my collection of opened games. People should be able to enjoy a great evening at my store that doesn’t necessarily includes trading cards. I am very much into cards, but I have a strong affinity towards games in general. It’s why I went on this road in the first place. I mentioned this before, but I definitely need to get X-Wing and Star Wars Armada back in my store again. I believe that this is the beginning of a new era for the Arena and how I expect it to evolve going forward. All of this should happen by the end of May. If you see that nothing has happened until then, please ask me about it so I can get my shit together 🙂 Thanks in advance.

Finale of Blog Entry

It seems only fitting to end it with that title considering the 5 Finales that have been recently printed in the new and awesome set of War of the Spark. I want you all to know that I don’t give up. I believe in my store and what the Arena can become. I appreciate each and every one of you who have been present along the way helping in whatever way you could. What’s an Arena without its Gladiators?

See you in the Arena!

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