The next chapter starts now

Life is slowly returning to normal in most of Germany. People are going out more often and this entire coronavirus is starting to fade away from people’s memories. Toilet paper hoarding might be a thing of the past, but we still need to be vigilant and not let our guard down completely. Things aren’t just back to normal all of a sudden. But at the same time, we can’t continue secluding ourselves from society. On the 25th of May, restaurants have been allowed to serve customers inside their premises. I don’t know how long it would take for stores like the Arena to be allowed to have people playing inside. It’s still too fresh to imagine that it can be any sooner than July. That’s my guess if nothing major happens, like a massive outbreak that leads to a second bigger and worse wave of coronavirus. I am hopeful that people have taken this quite seriously and Germany reacted very well handling the situation from the start. Which is why we’re in this, I would say, beneficial position. But not all things are going as smooth as they seem…

A farewell is in order

Unfortunately, Markus has decided to leave the Arena. His reasoning is that he wants to find a job that fulfills him and the one at the store didn’t do that anymore. I wish him only the best in his searches and hope that he’ll still visit the Arena especially during our FNMs where commander players were having a ton of fun week after week 🙂 His last day as an employee of the Arena will be 30th of June. I am happy that I worked together with him for as long as I have and I am sure he will do great wherever he lands. However, things have to move forward for the Arena. And with that in mind…

I am looking for someone who would like to work at the store on a full-time basis. There are certain qualifications that you must have for this to be a good fit for you. I’ll write out what my expectations are and you’ll see if this may or may not be a place for you:

  • speak German and English fluently or at an advanced level
  • be passionate about games in general with a higher focus on Magic the Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh!
  • be willing to learn new things every day: new board games, new rulings, new cards, etc.
  • medium organizational skills: learn to use software for tournaments, plan your day, have short term and long term goals
  • knowledge about social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.
  • basic knowledge about the single card market
  • experience in retail and customer service
  • self-employed mentality
  • willing to work for at least 3 years at the Arena

Bonus, not needed, but desirable:

  • willing to become a Magic the Gathering Judge and/or a Yu-Gi-Oh! Judge

Your benefits:

  • few early mornings needed during a full year
  • extremely flexible work adjustment
  • employee discount on anything the Arena sells
  • 4 weeks of holiday based on a full year
  • health insurance coverage of course

I’ll get this out there immediately. This is a job for someone who is honestly very passionate about games. Anything less than that will not have a great long term effect on yourself. The reality is that this job won’t earn you a salary based on hourly physical presence. If you want a job that pays you for sitting around on nightshifts playing on your phone and getting paid for it, this is not for you. The self-employed mentality refers to your salary growing based on your input in the store. This means, the better you work, the higher your salary will be. Note that I said “better” not “more”. There is a huge difference between those two words. I heavily subscribe to the following quote:

For exact financial discussions feel free to send me an email at or contact me via Whatsapp directly. We can discuss anything regarding this job. I will also mention though that I am definitely not in a hurry with this. I would rather wait a few months or even half a year to find someone who I feel can connect with the store and bring something either new or unique to the Arena environment. This isn’t to say that someone has to do this, I’m just saying that I am quite happy waiting for a time before going back to finding someone new.

Platinum baby!

The Arena has reached a new milestone! The store is currently at the Platinum level for the Yu-Gi-Oh Organized Play which means that we can organize more Regional Qualifier events once we are allowed to do so. That’s great news since we worked a lot to get consistent tournaments happening at the Arena. This might seem like a small thing, but it’s in fact something quite big. Additionally we will host the Core Booster Premiere for Yu-gi-Oh! on the 1st of August. Provided things are settled with this virus thing, we should have some cool events this summer 🙂

Ikoria: Lair of Companions

I haven’t followed the current meta for Magic, but there are two sides that I am hearing right now in regards to this edition. Some dislike that WotC decided to bring in a Commander mechanic to the 60-card format. Some are welcoming the change naming it a breaking out of the norm. I am not sure which side I would back…I am ok with bringing new mechanics to the game, but maybe I would say that I am not the biggest fan of having a commander mentality for a 60-card format. I always enjoyed the way I created my decks without these somewhat burrowed Hearthstone mechanics that are now available. I’m not saying their bad, just not my cup of tea. Proof is that I am getting back into Legacy and will just wait out this Companion period. I will inevitably get into contact with this, but for now I’d rather go Turn 1 City of Traitors, Chrome Mox, Trinisphere 😀 I guess I just like lockdecks a lot.

Watch your back and your bag!

I recently had an order delivered to the store that was left in front of the door. Someone opened a few boxes and stole 3 full boxes of Promo Packs and Foil Promo Packs from Ikoria together with 2 Goodie Bags I get from Ultimate Guard to give out to Prerelease participants. Although I didn’t have a Prerelease this time around I could have definitely used the goodie bag products for various other giveaways including ones from Glad’s Magic the Gathering stream. It is what it is. I am not angry or anything just wanted to put this out there in case someone is being sold cards from the new edition with the Planeswalker symbol on them know that there is a high chance they were stolen from the Arena. This unfortunate event has led me to change the opening hours of the store when I can open full time. The new schedule will be: 11:00 to 19:00. This way I will be able to get all my packages while I am there with no other issues. I am unsure how things will work out with Booster Drafts in the evening, but for now, this is the solution that I can come up with based on this incident. This never happened to me in all 6 years of owning the store. This actually is the first time. It left me speechless, but you know that old saying: opportunity makes a thief. Note the flavor text.

A new chapter does have to begin

It’s definitely a trying time for the store and for myself. I’ve been feeling off for a long time and the pandemic lockdown didn’t help with that. But I do believe that things are sorting themselves out although in unexpected ways. Everything happens for a reason, so let this reason be something worth looking forward to. Hope to see you soon at the shop and don’t forget to support your local store! We’ll all meet again and enjoy loads of long evenings and intense, but fun matches 🙂

See you in the Arena!