Welcome to the next decade!

2020 is already here. I’m from that generation that still thinks 1980 is 20 years ago…yet here we are, finding ourselves into a new decade that can manifest itself into whatever it is we want to. The best part of this fictional concept that is New Year’s is that we can all start anew. Technically we can start anew each and every day since we have a shot of changing, discovering and evolving ourselves yet again with every sunrise and sunset. To this end the Arena finds itself changing slowly, discovering new ways of being better what it is and evolving into what it was initially meant to be from the now-far-away 2014. It really feels so far away 🙂

New Year. New Coffee?

When I first opened the Arena I always wanted it to be a place where people could chill and enjoy some much needed time off experiencing their hobbies in a relaxed environment. I had no experience how to do that though. Frankly, it sometimes dazzles me how I got to the point where I am now and I am very grateful for being here, yet still amazed. I did make a quadrillion mistakes on the way of course. But in order to make the right choices, one must make the wrong one as well to understand the difference. Anyway, I rented a small place that had a limited amount of space I could use. I even had this long corridor that led to the toilet that was completely useless. Using that space for storage was terrible as well. Overall I would most likely grade my choice of the place at a strong D-, close to F. Fast forward to 2020 and the current space is enough for tables, PCs, a couch and a whole lot of products. So why not add a coffee machine as well? We bought one to make it even more comfortable for our coffee drinking customers to drop by. Perhaps you’re on a break from work or in the city and want to get a cup to go? Sure thing. We got you 😀 Although that’s nice, we actually bought it for our tournament participants. Sometimes it takes long hours for a tournament to end and a cup of coffee might just be the thing to give you a boost to the finals. We will be offering each drink in a to-go cup with or without a top lid. So what’s on the menu:
– Cappuccino
– Espresso
– Espresso Macchiato
– Latte Macchiato
– Coffee
– Coffee with milk
– Tea of various types (recommend us some flavors! We would gladly try to have them in stock! 🙂 )

Alright…this might seem fancy, but hear us out 😀 We wanted to get a normal coffee maker, but wanted one with beans. I mean, if we are selling coffee, we should sell the good stuff, not some crappy everyday version that you can get anywhere. It should simply be enjoyable. We searched at stores and such for it and we soon realized that buying something cheap meant we would actually not benefit from some really cool features for a little bit more of an investment. So we just decided to go for the fancy one and hope that people will grab a coffee here and there in our shop 😀 Or we’re just going to drink endless cups of tea there since both Markus and I are big fans of tea. Speaking of tea, it would really be cool if people would tell us their favorite teas. We’d like to try to get those. As for the prices, we hardly have any idea about this. It’s just another service we wanted to provide and we’ll figure the rest out when we actually get the coffee machine (5 weeks delivery time :(( ). Eh. We had no coffee machine until now, what’s another 5 weeks?

Get ready to play in our upcoming events!

January has always been a release month for both Magic the Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh!. It’s a lot of stuff happening in a short time span. Theros Beyond Death is looking very good with spoilers coming out almost on a daily basis. We anticipate a lot of hype for this set since it has new versions of the old Theros Gods. The old ones were pretty cool and a lot of people were and still are on that train. Now Wizards has sent us back into the ancient Greek world where Gods still rule as unchallenged entities. We will have to see how the story unravels and which Gods prove to be the best of the best. Join on the action during Prerelease Weekend starting with Friday 16.01.2020 🙂 In addition, if you want singles from the new edition, we’ll have all of them also in foil variant. Drop us a message if you’re looking for something in particular, although we recommend playing in the Prereleases first. Who knows, maybe you’ll just pull the card you need? May the Gods be with you! 🙂

Yu-Gi-Oh had a massive shift a few years ago when the new card type LINK was introduced. Subsequently, this also created a new rule on how one would summon extra-deck creatures. There was only one starting spot that could unlock other spots but only with the use of link monsters. That sounds really boring, but it is what it is. However 😀 Konami decided that at the beginning of April this year (1st of April is such a weird date to choose for this) the new Master Rule 5 will be in effect. This lets you use all your summoning spaces on the field to summon your extra-deck monsters. Basically, we’re back to where we started but we also have link now. Which is pretty cool to be honest. Adding an extra layer in a card game as old as Yu-Gi-Oh might ruffle some feathers, but I really like the change and have also purchased a playset of Dimensional Barriers in Secret Rare. I mean I had them, but they sold and I bought them again. You know how it is with such things 😉 We already are organizing events with the Master Rule 5 at the shop. I think it’s most likely the best format that will revitalize a lot of “forgotten” decks. We should also be looking forward to the upcoming set Ignition Assault however. It’s supposed to bring in a new archetype that should be pretty good if Konami follows the same Zoodiac recipe 🙂 For this set, we will provide our customers with singles as we plan on opening a lot of boxes. Sneak Peek events start at 13:00 on 25.01.2020. Join us for some friendly duels 🙂

A year of evolution

If there’s something that I would call a resolution, it would be to get the Arena to a higher place. I’ve never wanted to have a shop. I wanted to have a cool living room for my guests where it also happens that I sell some products. It’s nice to be on the same path as Markus of working hard to put the Arena in the spot it rightfully deserves. Hard work does pay off, but all of it would be for naught if customers wouldn’t be able to enjoy the fruits that lay in our garden of cards 😀 I hope that everyone had a nice time during these past holidays and got some well-deserved downtime with family, friends and loved ones. So here’s to another 20 years starting with 2020 to the Arena standing tall! Unless we all blow up because of the WW3 memes floating around. I mean, the Simpsons predicted it, so … you never know 😀 But as always, my dudes: be cool and…

See you in the Arena!