What do you want? 3 ways you can tell us!

As the title implies, we want to know what it is that you, the customer, the reader and the player wants from the Arena, from us. Maybe it’s best if we start and say what it is that we want. Perhaps it will break the ice and maybe we start getting somewhere.

I’m not sure if you know or not that Markus and I spent a lot of time developing a weekly and monthly schedule to try to satisfy each and every group of players that is active at the Arena. I believe we came up with a good system that is also rewarding on top. I’ll refresh it for you in case you haven’t been up to date with the news: we created a system where each participation in some tournaments would reward the attendant with a stamp that could be “traded” for a Promo Pack or for an OTS pack. The stamps also extended to people using the PCs, PS4, Switch and also to any boardgame enthusiasts who might want to learn new games. We wanted to grow the community and attract new and old players to a more stable tournament schedule where the dreaded Whatsapp question of “Are there enough players for X tournament today?” can be avoided. The group is meant to help with getting players together, but it mostly looks like it has also failed its purpose. People use the group for anything BUT checking for events and attending them. Should we shut it down? I mean, it doesn’t really do anything anymore. Moreover, the private messages floating around from some “special” people inviting the group participants to private events made in different cities outside of Ingolstadt is like… dafuq?! O.o That’s another story for another time though, or preferably never. Either way…we haven’t seen a growing interest in basically any of the events. Are the additional packs not good enough? Do you dislike tournaments? Do you prefer to just play no-pressure-kitchen table magic or YGO? Maybe the starting hours are bad, the events too rare or too often. Perhaps we’re doing everything wrong and that is the precise reason for this blog entry. I will ask again: what is that you want?

Most of the readers of this blog entry are generally people who come fairly often to the store. Don’t get me wrong, I understand life coming in the way of everything from time to time, it’s just a normal aspect of our current society. You can’t just do whatever it is you please at all times. There is also a set of responsibilities that each one of us has running in the background. But what does it take to get consistency in the events at the store? It’s also a matter of continuity for the store. I know I’ve talked about this in previous entries, but there is also a boiling point for the store. What that means is that at some moment in time (hopefully a very far, far away time) the store will be financially unsustainable. If it can’t support itself and the people working there, what is its meaning in Ingolstadt? Online sales have been going better and better in the single card department and it’s a very attractive market that I have worked hard to get into. I am quite proud to have as of today 9121 sales on Magic Card Market. But what does this number mean for the store? I can do this from my home as well, packing cards and shipping them all over Europe. It’s also much more comfortable here. I won’t bore you with more useless chatter. I like having a store to organize events, to offer a place for the local community and also to get people into the hobby that made me want to own such a store in the first place. So here’s your chance to get things going for the local community that YOU are a part of.

First. Message us on Whatsapp/Facebook/Instagram with any type of idea, plan, constructive criticism, opinions, etc. We really want to hear from you and understand what it is that can make things become better at the store.

Second. Send us an email if a longer one-shot text is more your jam. We did get some feedback like that from one customer which definitely helped us realize some things and what we need to do to improve in some specific ways.

Third. The good old “Visit us at the store!” and have a chat with us face to face. I would prefer this above the others if distance is not an issue. Drop by the store and let’s talk. It doesn’t have to be some philosophical debate, rather more like a friendly discussion about how things could change for the better.

I thought about this a lot together with Markus. We want to improve our events and the overall look of the store as well. We are constantly pressed by something but always have an eye on the store and the other on online sales. We can manage both just fine, but we think we can achieve more here. The trick is that you can go ahead and do stuff by yourself, but it’s going to be sluggishly slow unless you’re some sort of magical being. Or just extremely good at what you do. I may not fit that description, so I am asking for help from all of you. There’s a saying in Romania: “unde-s doi, puterea crește”, which translates to “where there are two, strength grows”. It’s really important to know that this entire thing is a community effort. It’s not all on me or Markus to get things to be the best possible way. I certainly wish I could do everything and ace it. But the reality is different.

I will just say this to close this entry: you may think that your opinion doesn’t matter or that your actions aren’t that important for the store, but that’s where you’d be wrong. You, dear reader, is why the store still exists in the first place. So if you want it to go on, do something about it. Talk to us, because we’ll listen.

See you in the Arena!