What is happening in January?

It’s early enough and I am blasting the Discover Weekly on my Spotify in my Razer headphones, yawning and thinking to myself where has last year gone to. I thought about writing an entry on the 1st or 2nd of January, but I thought that would be somewhat tacky. In any case, here is a rundown of what has happened this month and what else is coming up 🙂

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Prerelease is almost upon us. I am feeling the hype as much as the last set, but for a different reason. I am trying to imagine drafting, as drafting 3 x BfZ wasn’t really my cup of tea. We have Surge cards now and that’s where the hype is at. Their effects are cool, but to properly take advantage of the Surge cards, people would need to play 2HG sealed a lot more or Team Booster Draft. The team booster draft part is intriguing for me, but that’s also because I really like drafting as a format. In order to experience the new set as it was intended, people will need to combine into these giants with two heads and try to make the plays with the Surge cards. I am also thinking about the 2HG prerelease being the perfect initiation event for friends and/or family members that want to try out this game. Players should take advantage of a prerelease to try to show the game they love to loved ones. I saw an article about how a store somewhere in the USA has been having 2HG events for 5 years now, every Saturday. Most people who show up for those events are either couples or father and son teams. I don’t think that will happen at this prerelease at the Arena, but I will try to market in that direction for the prerelease of Shadows over Innistrad. That set’s name already makes me wonder…Reprint of Snapcaster? Maybe? Pretty please? But back to Oath of the Gatewatch 😀 We will see how this will actually work out at the 2HG sealed prerelease this weekend. There are a few teams pre-registered and it would be cool for them to have even more competition. So wherever you are, sign up for your local prerelease as this particular set is poised to reward team play.



I am happy to say that the Yu-Gi-Oh! Breakers of Shadow Sneak Peek was quite a success for Ingolstadt. 12 people showed up to play Sealed with the newest YGO! set and the feedback was a positive one. One major problem with YGO! has been the lack of formats available. You have Sneak Peeks which are Sealed format with 5 boosters. Then you have Constructed Advanced and Constructed Traditional, the difference beeing banned and restricted cards respectively. I asked a while ago about drafting YGO!. If MtG can be drafted, why not YGO!? We drafter Pokémon at some point and it worked out relatively well. If you draft 4 boosters that is. I think we could have drafted only with 3, but it was a one time thing, so there’s room for experimenting. I am curious about Breakers of Shadow for YGO!. I want to try drafting this set and see how it turns out. The release date is set on the 14th of January, that’s in two days. Which means that on Friday we could have possibly have a YGO! booster draft. We could start off with 3 boosters and add one more if we feel the decks do not have enough monsters. The thing about the current meta in YGO! is that you do not tribute summon anymore. It’s just too slow and you lose a lot of advantage if the opponent counters your play with one trap card. But in a Booster Draft that possibility is far lower, so the game could go back to having a more grindy game play, where you don’t have these major one-turn-kills of over 8000 damage. I am indeed looking forward to this Breakers of Shadow booster drafting possibility.



In cooperation with Bazaar of Moxen we will organize a Trial for Madrid that will take place on the 23rd of January. The format for this event will be Legacy. I am hoping there will be enough players for this event as I intend on putting up a Bayou as first place and a Jace, Vryn’s Prodigy for second place, as well as other prizes for half the participants. I would like to reach a number of over 20 players this time. For the Modern event there were 10 players, but that event was set on the 2nd of January, which coincided with JK yearly event, where a lot of people went to. Hopefully the schedule has cleared enough for players to have time to come back to the Arena for a chance to get some sweet byes and, of course, get an invitation to the exclusive Arena Legacy Cup 2016. I will post more about this probably next month. Right now let’s focus on this month’s event 🙂 Slowly, but surely, the number of premium events for MtG has grown in the Arena. And that’s how i t should be. A steady constant growth.



Although this event will probably overlap with the MtG Legacy event that will take place on the same day, I am sure we will manage somehow. Normally the Legacy top 8 would take place at around the time when the DSA Minicon would start, so there should be enough room available for everyone. The previous minicon was a success with around 17 people showing up to learn about DSA 5. The mood was good and the Dungeon Masters did a great job. I am very happy that the Role-playing community is stepping up to support the games they love and also grow the number of participants for each event. This time we will be expecting some support from the DSA 5 producers of Ulisses Spiele. From what I understand, they will promote our event on their website somewhere 🙂 That’s cool just by itself, but getting a bag of goodies to share with the participants will be even better. Hopefully this event will be at least as successful as the previous one.

Of course besides these events there will be booster drafts every Tuesday and Thursday for MtG and hopefully soon enough, booster drafts for YGO! as well. We should also set up more Commander days. The format should get a few new good cards with the Oaths being released next week and I am still waiting for someone to build an Eldrazi commander 😛


See you in the Arena! 🙂



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