Winter season has begun!

Black Friday is almost here!

We want to get rid of a bunch of stuff at the store. There’s just a lot of displays, decks and boxes hanging around for no reason anymore. It’s much better if some lucky shoppers will get some awesome prices for the products that they want. We’ll reduce prices up to 30% of the original value on almost all products from the store. There are some products that have already been reduced so those won’t go any lower, but the rest is right there for the taking. We will also give out a 5%-10% reduction on single cards during that day. No, you can’t preorder them on MKM and then expect to get a 5% discount because you pick them up on Friday. If you already reserved cards from us or a product in advance, there will be no reduction. Already way ahead of you 😛 I recommend you browse our collection beforehand and bring a small list of some of the singles you are interested in. Also of note: we don’t want to spend all day looking for cards, so each customer gets 10 single cards that they will have a discount on. Please keep your lists short and we will try to help each and everyone out with their cards 🙂 I hope this is a good offer for all the players who are looking to pimp their commander decks and not only!

Christmas charity event!

Normally Konami organizes something like this and offers players some sort of reward cards. I am unsure if we can apply for this, but what I would like to ask if anyone here is interested in donating cans of food, preferably ones that have at least 1 year until they expire. I will offer some promo boosters or OTS packs for them but, to be honest, this is meant to be a charity event, not anything else of the sort. So if you are willing to simply donate without any expectations that would be great. If you are going to ask me how many packs you get for how many cans, please don’t even bother contacting me 🙂 I would like to donate all of the food to a local charity institution such as Tafel. Again, if you are interested in helping out less fortunate people drop off your donations starting today at the shop. I am certain there will be some poor souls who would love to have an extra meal during the holidays. The end date for this is the 21st of December. I’d like to donate everything by Monday the 23rd right before Christmas time. Thanks a lot! 🙂

Would you like a job at the Arena?

Generally, people tend to believe that working at a game store is actually just playing cards and sometimes talking to customers. Some of my previous employees definitely imagined that and that’s why they are no longer with the Arena 🙂 It’s nothing personal, it’s just how things work. There is the mentality, here in Ingolstadt at least, that a certain amount of hours spent at work equals an amount of payment. That is, plainly said, dead wrong. I will give you an example so you can understand exactly what I am talking about. Let’s say you’re in a rock band. You spend 6 months locked in your studio with your bandmates and write an album. You finish it after spending an ungodly amount of time on it. After all this effort it turns out that nobody likes it, record labels aren’t signing you, no rock venues are asking for you to play there. So does your album have a value of a few thousand euros or a million euros? Or does it actually have no value at all? The market decides what the value of your album is because of its quality. You can spend however long you want writing and recording it, but in the end, if the market says that 1€ is the value, then it is what it is.

Let’s translate that to the Arena and how this comparison works. Assume you come to work for 4 hours. You spend these hours physically being there, but you don’t really do anything constructive to get the shop to a better place. You take breaks, act busy in front of the PC, sort cards with the speed of a slug and talk to your friends while they visit you “at work”. What is the amount that is fair to get for that? If it were you in my position, would you pay this person the full amount regardless of the work they are doing? Honestly, I will never pay for the amount of time you spend doing something for the store or for me. I will pay for the results that you consistently bring in with the product/progress/etc. that you made. It doesn’t need to be a mountain of achievements, but neither does it need to be a swamp of disappointments. People think that quantity is what matters. The hours put in. Well, they are not. Especially if the results are less than average. Nobody cares how long it takes for me to clean the store, order products, put them in the system, place them in the shelves, explain to customers how they work, what they do, why do they cost a specific price, what can be a good product to buy next to them, organizing events for customers, what events are this week, when do they start and I can give you a ton of more examples, but you should get the idea. People care about results. So do I.

Alright. If you’ve reached this point in the article reading about a possible job, congratulations! You have already qualified for it since you can clearly read and understand English at a conversational level. The job that I would offer is related heavily to Magic Card Market and Mage Market. It’s a lot of work in regards to single card sales. There is a huge amount of sorting needed to be done, opening packs, uploading cards, shipping, etc. It’s a desk job that needs a lot of focus and fast turnaround. We don’t want to be stuck with a ton of cards from the newest editions. They need to go to some happy gamers who want to improve their decks or try new archetypes. Imagine yourself as a smaller version of Santa Claus ^^ You’re tasked with getting a lot of cards sent out to everyone who buys them. We have a very big amount of cards that need to be sorted in specific boxes. Everything is sorted at our store by edition, color and mana cost. It’s a time-consuming effort in the beginning, but it pays off in the long term. Everything is where it should be and once you learn the editions, it becomes much much easier to pick out cards, pack and send them on their merry way.

Here’s a list of requirements if you’d like to work here:
– be at least dual-language level: speak both English and German. You will need to message customers from Germany and from other European countries.
– be detail orientated: small mistakes lead to big issues. It’s important to be focused and not misplace cards or print the wrong address for the shipments. (A previous employee simply printed out addresses and shipped out displays of random languages to customers. Yes. Really. That actually happened.)
– be punctual: don’t be late.
– understand criticism: don’t act like a snowflake if you are corrected in your work. We all make mistakes and learn from them.
– be passionate about Magic the Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh!: since you will mostly be busy with these two card games, it would be beneficial to know more about them and also like them of course.
– have some experience in sales: perhaps you have worked in retail before or you have a more advanced idea how sales work

Optional (not important to the job, but great to have for our team if possible) requirements:
– you like Black Metal and other extreme Metal genres but you’re also down for Post Malone or Lil Peep
– you enjoy playing card games, board games, PC and console games after hours
– you like Mangas and Animes

The basic job will start at 450€ per month with a few hours per day, 5 days per week. It’s very important to mention that this job has continuity. This means that if you’re doing good work, it will become a fulltime permanent job in the future if you are interested in long term work. The amount and quality of work you put in will directly affect how things will turn out. If the position becomes fulltime, you will also be responsible for customer service, inventory, in-store sales, product ordering, marketing, etc. This is in the future though and I wouldn’t think about it unless it’s a serious choice. If you have any questions you can reach me here or in Whatsapp. Feel free to contact me if you think you’ll be a good fit at the store.

A possible partnership

A long time ago I had a comic on the webpage. I liked it a lot, but then the guy who did them said he didn’t have time for them anymore and just stopped. There might be a way to get a weekly comic for the store again, but nothing is set in stone right now. Maybe we’ll reach an agreement and have a cool short one-page story per week. I will tell you in the next weeks if this is going to be a new adventure that we’ll go on. Hopefully, it will happen 🙂 Here’s the first comic designed for this purpose:

Credits: @genchapter_arts on Instagram

Thank you for reading and hopefully I will have good news in the upcoming days in regards to finding someone to start working at the store 🙂 Have a great week and please remember to donate some food for the needy until Christmas time! 🙂

See you in the Arena!